Alerting and Messaging

Alerting and messaging are designed with an emphasis on reliability and security in Secapp. When a situation arises, critical information can be sent to the desired recipients in seconds, be it one person or several thousand.


Guaranteed delivery for alerts and messages

  • Guarantee that you reach people via multiple channels.

  • Make sure to get peoples attention and response quickly.

  • Reduce the amount of manual work e.g. calling people.

  • Reduce costs when compared to traditional communication tools e.g. mass SMS, calls.

  • Communicate on a professional secured platform that meets the requirements of the GDPR.

Fast two-way and multichannel alerting

  • Messages are sent by a push of a button or completely automatically by integrating Secapp with existing systems.

  • Multiple sending ways: application, web browser, SMS, email, Windows 10, robot calls, and TETRA authority devices

  • Messages and alarms will pass the device’s silent settings if needed and immediate response to messages is required (OK or NOK).

  • Target messages based on individuals’ skills, group information, usability, or location

  • The alerted people can see the responses and skill sets of other respondents in real-time.

Real-time situational awareness

  • Secured 1-on-1, group, and alert-specific chat function for instant messaging for both daily and unexpected situations.

  • Video connection for both consulting and meetings.

  • Possibility to communicate quickly to critical stakeholders: e.g. security organizations, preparedness groups, management, and city authorities.

  • Situational discussions and recordings with historical data for follow-up if needed.

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