Paging facilitates different organizations’ daily operations and significantly saves work time. The system helps alert substitutes in sudden absence situations and reach on-call personnel. Secapp’s dispatching reduces time-consuming phone calls and text message chains, alleviating the workload of people responsible for managing and filling shifts, such as managers and shift supervisors. 

When sending a work shift alert, you can limit potential workers based on their skills and availability, for example. There can be a few, or thousands of recipients, but the amount of work stays the same. In urgent cases, the messages can be set to the highest priority, in which case they will go through even if the recipients’ phones are on silent mode.

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Why Secapp?

Save time and reduce workload

Immediate availability responses from potential workers for shifts

Automation takes care of follow-up communication

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“One of our nurses said that she had never fallen in love with any app but with Secapp she has”

5 reasons to use Secapp for paging

  1. Saves time and reduces workload from the personnel who handle work shift alerts
  2. Messages can be targeted accurately based on the recipients’ skills, location, availability, and to different groups. 
  3. In urgent situations messages can be set to the highest priority, in which case they will go through even if the recipients’ phones are on silent mode. 
  4. Follow-up messaging can be handled through automation based on the recipients’ responses.
  5. There can be tens, hundreds or even thousands of recipients without adding any more work.
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What is it made of?

Secapp’s Paging use allows shift calls to be sent through multiple channels, and the dispatcher receives real-time responses. You can reach both on-duty and off-duty personnel and target alerts for everyone, or for only one of these groups. 

Through Secapp, part of the communication related to work shift alerts can be automated, and follow-up messages can be sent based on the recipients’ responses. Both the confirmation for the selected worker and responses to those not chosen can be handled with automation. Managers can also choose the most suitable pool of workers for the shift that needs to be filled based on their skills and qualifications.

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  • In the Secapp system, a message template is created for a work shift alert
  • Priority level, recipients, basic information, channels, message automation and escalation are defined
  • The messages are sent at the press of a button, and responses are received in real time

Automated messaging

  • The worker chosen for the shift will receive automated follow-up instructions, and the rest will be informed about the shift being filled
  • Follow-up instructions are sent according to the ready-made message templates
  • Possibility for the sender or all recipients to have the information about how recipients have responded to the message

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