Secapp has the capabilities to integrate both modern and legacy systems

Secapp is usually one of the core systems in its customer environments. Thus, meaning that Secapp needs to have capabilities to integrate to both modern and legacy systems. This has been one of the key starting points in the Secapp solution design – Secapp and its APIs (interfaces) need to be able to adapt when needed. So far, we have been highly successful in implementing this principle. As a result, there are no specific limitations on interfaces / APIs / protocols that Secapp can support. 

Integration examples

  • Synchronization and authentication of user data (contacts, groups, competencies): Microsoft Azure AD and Secapp’s own REST-based API

  • Alarm interfaces (including SMS and REST-based API) for receiving, automatically analyzing and alerting alarm data from different systems so that the right people can react to the situation as quickly as possible. Examples of systems include building automation, crime and fire alarm systems, personal security buttons, and various monitoring systems and sensors.

  • Business Intelligence and big data interfaces to retrieve documented information into the system

  • Two-way SMS and automatic call gateways, e.g. Arena Interactive, Telia Opal, Vonage

  • TETRA SDS / Callout gateway (Tetra Connectivity Server API)

  • Transfer and synchronization of service logs (rsync)

  • Physical buttons: for example, the Wireless Paradox REM101 button and MagellanMG6250 base station, USB button for desktop/laptop computers, Bluetooth buttonsv

  • Integrations can be implemented per use case/need as separate projects. The projects are priced on an hourly charge basis or a separate quote can be provided when sufficient specifications and requirements are provided by the client. The typical timescale for implementing a new interface is from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the request and API.

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