Decrease unnecessary paperwork and friction in daily operations

We provide powerful tools for managing documentation, attached files, and information. You can import your task and checklists, such as daily routine checks and instructions for different scenarios, into Secapp and decrease unnecessary paperwork and friction in daily operations.

With tasks and checklists, the users know what they need to do and report and they also stay informed of what’s been or being done by others.

Follow tasks in real-time

Import and create information related to premises, sites, equipment, and other assets and easily maintain up-to-date information of their status and actions related to them.

  • Customizable and suitable for all kinds of organizations.

  • For daily operations and emergencies alike. All actions taken are easily stored and exported as personalized reports.

Site, asset and device registers

With customizable premise and device registries, you can easily manage your site, asset, and device documentation.

  • Create and manage site, asset, and device information according to the specific needs of each industry.

  • Site and device registries are easily modified and maintained: possibility to edit and add pictures, videos, smart fields, coordinates, QR/barcodes, signatures, free text/numbers, and selection lists.

  • Share access to the data securely.

Manage large-scale operations

With Secapp, you can handle projects, catalogs, orders, and invoices. You will have all the tools you need for real-time leadership and quality management at your disposal. All documentation can be easily found and accessed by personnel and associates.

  • Document and manage premise, site, and equipment details.

  • Create and track projects, expenses, orders and invoices.

  • Manage and share content and activities in a multivendor environment.

The National Intensive Care Coordinating Office

“At eight o’clock in the morning, a situational awareness message is sent to the contact number of each Intensive Care Unit using the Secapp application.”

Learn how a national ICU situation is maintained in Finland

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