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Secapp’s virtual Situation Center monitors daily operations and disruptions for you 24/7. It keeps you up-to-date on your organization’s operations and ready to react every hour of the day, from anywhere in the world. The system works on mobile devices and browser and is suitable for use on the display wall of a situation management or control room. 

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Successful mixed race business woman in office.
Successful mixed race business woman in office.

Real-time situational awareness around the clock

With the virtual Situation Center, you are up-to-date on your organization’s operations and ready to react every hour of the day, from anywhere in the world. The system operates on mobile devices and browser and is suitable for use on the display wall of a situation management or control room. 

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Always with you

The virtual Situation Center is always in your pocket, so you can access it regardless of time or location. Everyone can see real-time situational information from their devices, and there’s no need to make phone calls to share information. 

Alert and dispatch
90 % faster

Communicate quickly and reliably during disruptions and exceptional situations. Secapp helps you alert and dispatch individuals even 90 % faster.

High usability

The Situation Center operates as a separate system, independent of your organization’s own IT infrastructure. Its high usability is maintained even if disruptions occur in your organization’s own IT infrastructure. 


They also rely on Secapp

Over 800 organizations use Secapp to prepare for disruptions and exceptional situations.

Read about DNA’s experiences in using Secapp

Using Secapp as a SaaS-service is a part of everyday preparedness – since the tool is for critical communication, we want it to be as independent as possible from DNA’s own infrastructure. This ensures that if there is a failure in DNA’s own infrastructure, the critical communication will not be disrupted.”

Tomas Lång, Head of Process Development and Authority services at DNA


Improve overall safety and security

  • Flexible and scalable. The virtual Situation Center adapts according to your needs. It’s easy to first implement in one location of the organization and expand to other locations as needed. Adding new functions and integrations is fast.

  • Reduces reaction time. Helps anticipate and prepare for various disruptions and exceptional situations. Ready-made message templates for different scenarios shorten reaction time significantly. Multichannel alerts ensure information flow.

  • Efficient data collection and analysis. All actions that take place during the situation are automatically recorded in Secapp. Because of this, it’s easy to delve into the root causes after the situation. The reports are easy to share, effectively conveying information to different parties. 

  • Cooperative. Use together with your stakeholders, which enables even faster coordination during critical situations. All participants can see the real-time situational picture, enhancing situation management, leadership and decision-making. 

Are you ready to improve the safety of your organization?

Features of the Situation Center, such as the real-time map view and omnichannel alerts enable effective preparedness, monitoring, reaction, and coordination at all levels of the organization. 

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Situation Center

What does the virtual Situation Center contain?

With the Situation Center, you can prepare for disruptions and exceptional situations, and quickly react and make decisions. The Situation Center works on mobile devices and browser and is suitable for use on the display screen of a situation management room.

You can log into the virtual Situation Center from anywhere, so using it doesn’t require you to be physically present in a specific location. This enables immediate and flexible reacting in crisis situations. 

The Situation Center enables data sharing between different systems through interfaces. It integrates seamlessly with devices and systems already in use.


Always with you

Situational Awareness

With the situational awareness view, you can monitor events in real time from the list view or through the map. You can complement this function with the knowledge-based management tool Insights.

Message Templates

Message templates help you bring your safety plans into Secapp, so that they support your organization’s operations when a real situation arises. Utilize automations and escalations in the messages. 


With two-way omnichannel alerts, you can send messages with one press of a button or completely automatically. If needed, the messages will bypass the silent mode of devices. 

Checklists and Reports

With the checklists you can digitize, for example, situation procedure cards of the crisis team into Secapp. The data is automatically saved in the system, and the reports are easy to share. 

Lone Worker Safety

Secure lone working employees in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Includes features especially designed for the safety of lone workers.

Chat and Video call

Through Secapp chats and video calls, you can share real-time information between different stakeholders – also across organizational boundaries.

Show others how to react to situations

Preparedness for disruptions and exceptional situations brings certainty to the organization and when a real situation arises, a fast reaction helps restore operations quickly. Minimize adverse effects.

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