Mobile Alert Buttons

OneClick mobile alert buttons allow you to send messages and alerts with just one tap. The buttons can be used, for example, to call for help or to report an anomaly or fault.

  • For Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Computer desktop alerts via dedicated Windows client.

  • Current location and distress alert is delivered to pre-designated person(s), e.g. head of security.

  • Buttons are fully configurable per person and the amount of buttons is not limited.

  • Alerts can be triggered via SMS messages and integrated physical buttons also.

The Lone Work Switch

The lone work switch provides safety for your personnel who are working alone.

  • Automated call for help after certain amount of time has passed if the timer is not rested or disabled.

  • Automated “not moving” detection alerts if the user has not moved for a certain period of time.

  • Contains location information to ensure that help arrives as quickly as possible.

  • Automated alerts based on inputs from external systems such as fire/fault detection.

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