Prepare for and manage incidents

With Secapp you can ensure functioning and secure communications, manage incidents and improve both personnel as well as operational safety without needing to invest in extra devices. Secapp helps prepare for incidents, but it fits as well to daily use, such as internal communications, personnel instant messaging and reporting.

With the Secapp system you can make sure that important communications don’t get lost in the breakroom small talk and that an electronic control center is always there in your pocket. Whether it’s the real deal or an exercise, Secapp provides you with an automatic log of the situation.

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Save time

We help you contact the right people up to 90% faster than with traditional communication methods.

Be prepared

Secapp helps you prepare  for incidents such as fire, gas or chemicals alarms, workplace accidents,, safety exceptions, traffic accidents or reputation crisis.

Alert and reach out

You’re prepared to communicate immediately, reach targeted recipients and get a view of the real-time situation within seconds.

What is Secapp?

Secapp is critical communications as a service, combining communications channel, situation management and security in one system. Modify use for organizational requirements. Inform, alert personnel or specialist teams, collect and disseminate information. Keep stakeholders up to date via chat and video connections.

Secapp is focused on reliable delivery of messages, information security and that critical information can be targeted and sent to the right people within seconds – whether this is one person or thousands of them. Secapp’s features make management easier especially when there are multiple locations or work is done remotely.

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Capture attention…

In everyday life & in crisis and emergencies

Ready-made templates are created in Secapp for various disturbances and unexpected situations. Templates include e.g. persons and groups to be alerted, the priority of the situation, a description of the situation and instructions for action, as well as possible escalation chains. Individual contact information, qualifications, and alert groups (e.g.,fire service, first aid, security) are managed with Secapp’s tools.

  • Preparing for fires, gas leaks or chemical spills, traffic accidents, workplace accidents or reputation chrises. 
  • Alerting stakeholders (service, personnel, first aid or responsible authorities)

In emergencies, communicating with and managing personnel is often challenging with overloaded telephone connections, difficulties in reaching people immediately and doin this person by person is slow. With Secapp, all personnel are kept aware of the situation, communications can be directed to the correct channel and phone lines are kept free.

Secapp provides situation management with a real time view of who can be counted on to take care of the situation and what kinds of situations the recipients are facing. Operational picture gives access to personnel responses and possible further information. Situation management can also inform personnel via chat or video connection.

Secapp records all events during an unexpected situation: alerted persons, responses, shared information, and decisions that have been made. The event log can be exported as a report which can be used in debriefing and improving the procedures in the future.

OneClick buttons and a dead man’s switch increase lone workers’ safety. With the OneClick button, an alert can be made directly on the screen of one’s own phone with a single push of a button, and the dead man’s switch will automatically send an alert if the device does not detect movement for a specified time (e.g. 1 minute).

In the event of a fault or an unexpected situation, a mass alert can be sent using ready-made alert templates. The alert is sent via multiple communication channels (e.g. mobile application, text message, robotic call) to all persons defined in the message template, regardless of whether the person has an older phone or a smartphone.

In the case of a high-priority alert, Secapp bypasses the phone’s silent settings on Android and iPhone phones. All recipients of the message can respond to the alert (OK/NOK) and indicate whether they can participate in the situation or not.

Secapp chat allows text, pictures, videos, and files to be shared securely. The chat function is very convenient for everyday instant messaging as well as handling unexpected situations. In addition, the video connection can be used to handle e.g. consultations and inspections or to transmit additional information remotely.

Save more time for actual working by using dispatching automation to take care of filling work shifts or getting urgent human resources. Alerts can also target specific personnel based on required expertise (service, IT, specific driving license type)

Using Secapp’s reporting feature, all work instructions and files are easily found and available in the users mobile device. It also allows users to document and manage premise, site and equipment details, track fault management and keep up with maintenance logs. Transportation equipment checks, operations and exception reporting can also be managed in Secapp.

Easy to set up

Choose the users

Let us know who will start using Secapp. We will add them and their details to the platform.

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We will provide a 2-hour online training session for your staff.

You are set to go

We will support, guide and teach you the best practices of how to get the best out of Secapp.


Komatsu Forest

Komatsu Forest recommends Secapp to all companies whose employees work alone in the field.

Learn how Komatsu forest ensure their lone worker’s safety with Secapp.

Port of Helsinki

One important aspect of being prepared is practice and system testing, so that any potential problems and procedures can be improved beforehand.

Read more about an extensive safety exercise The Port of Helsinki organized.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)

“Secapp is overall a good solution for organizations that may have a need to alert and summon staff suddenly”

Read more about how information exchange will now be ensured between STUK and its collaborators during all situations.

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  • Improved preparedness and reaction capability in the event of exceptional situations or security threats
  • Alert and reach tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people with mass messaging features in seconds (e.g. evacuation or accident alerts)
  • Save up to tens or hundreds of thousands of euros a year in SMS costs
  • Restore operations faster after exceptions and save on costs incurred
  • Improve personnel physical safety with mobile security buttons (panic button and dead man’s switch)
  • Set up and maintain a control center with Secapp – carry it in your pocket!
  • Easily communicate with and alert partners and stakeholders
  • Centralized documentation (all information in one place, not scattered across folders and files)
  • A secure solution for everyday instant messaging – in a GDPR compliant way