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Grow your business and keep people and premises safe with us. Read more about the partnership benefits, get to know our global partner network, and contact us to join the board.

  • Additional sources of revenue based on reselling a proven and highly appreciated solution

  • Add value to your own offering: Expand your product and service offering with Secapp – whether it’s devices (phones, computers, alert buttons, etc.), IT systems, 24/7 monitoring and alarm center, or personnel resources (such as specialists, guards, or maintenance).

  • New business opportunities built around the Secapp service

Source of revenue

Every Secapp partnership model has its earning mechanism that produces continuous income for the partner. Partner income is generated in two ways: monthly recurring revenue, and income by selling additional services. There is also an incentive scheme, improving the share of the revenue for partners as volumes grow.

New  business opportunities

Build additional business opportunities around the Secapp service by training end-users, and providing expertise and consultancy for preparedness and implementation. Grow your product portfolio and offer continuous and new services to your customers.

Add value to your own offering

For example, mobile panic buttons can be provided to shopping mall tenants, when pressed generating Secapp alerts to guards on duty. Use Secapp to distribute the alerts also to the mobile workforce or off-duty personnel and management.

Our partners are

IT integrators

Working in the field of security systems, monitoring of IT or other equipment or people, situational awareness, workflow, and task management. IT and system integrators can help their customers implement and integrate our service into their existing systems and processes.

By partnering with us, integrators can provide their customers with a powerful tool for managing critical communications and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Security services, access control providers, intruder alerts, shopping mall/industrial area security providers, etc. Our service can provide security companies with a valuable tool for managing critical communications and alerting in high-risk environments. For example, you can provide customers with a 24/7 monitoring center, preparedness and security consulting and guard services to respond to potential alerts.

By partnering with us, security companies can offer their customers a comprehensive solution for protecting against threats and ensuring compliance with industry regulations, such as the occupational safety law about lone working.

Telecom operators

Our service is the perfect complement to telecom operators’ existing offerings. By partnering with us, operators can provide their customers with a powerful tool for managing critical communications and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. 

There are possibilities to combine Secapp with device selling, other IT systems and services. For example, device vendors can set Secapp as a pre-installed application to increase usage of their devices. Secapp can also be bundled together with mobile subscriptions, devices and other B2B services for increased customer loyalty.

Device manufacturers

By integrating our service into their devices, manufacturers can provide their customers with a seamless way to manage critical communications and alerting. This can be particularly useful for manufacturers of devices used in industries like healthcare, public safety, and transportation.


Working in the field of security, safety and preparedness in various industries, such as chemicals and petrochemicals, manufacturing, real estate operations, critical infrastructure, health care, etc.

How we help

  • We train our distributor partners to become familiar with Secapp services. And we do it continuously. So, after initial training, there will be regular training to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest developments of Secapp service.
  • Your playground: Free-of-charge Secapp account for your organization to study, learn, test features and functions, and see ensure ways to use them to satisfy your customers’ use cases.
  • Secapp facilitates knowledge transfer between partners and end customers by promoting innovative use cases and new customer cases throughout the community.
  • We organize customer days, where customers and partners can get to know each others’ use cases, user sectors and build potential collaborations.
  • Technical support at your disposal
  • Dedicated partner-responsible from our side to help you
  • While we train you to address most cases on your own, we have your back: Should there be a complicated case, a big RFP with tight competition, or just a use case that is new to you, let us know and we will help you to address those topics and win more business for both of us.
  • Providing help in acquiring especially your first customers through sales training, our participation in customer meetings and assistance in proposal planning and creation.
  • Assistance in building a go-to-market plan tailored to the scale of each partner’s operations
  • Access to sales and marketing materials that you can customize to fit your customer cases and language.
  • Background material and additional information provided as needed.
  • Distributors will be listed on Secapp website, and we will also (with your permission) prepare press releases of major deals we have won together.

Secapp partnership models

Lead partner

  • Simply points out validated customer leads towards us and we take it from there.

  • Leads that end up in commercial customer relationships will entitle to a commission fee.


  • Partner takes an active role in the customer relationship covering sales (supported by us), agreements, invoicing, and the first point of contact in terms of support or additional sales.

  • The commission is continuous and it provides the partner with the opportunity to combine other services, devices, or subscriptions as part of the agreement with the end customer for additional revenue and higher loyalty.

White label

  • The partner covers the same responsibilities as the distributor but in addition, Secapp is rebranded as the partner’s own product and hosted in an on-premise environment provided by the partner.

  • We take the responsibility of providing the technology as a white-label-as-a-service type commitment where the Secapp team manages the software and apps on behalf of the partner against fees.

  • The white label partner is responsible for providing the look and feel for the design (re-branding) of the product and virtualized server environment for the technology.

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Jukka Kangas
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Juha Ollonqvist
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Finland & Sweden

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+372 602 5900

Canada, US

Cameron Fry

Keep people and property safe with us.

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