Over 800 organizations rely on us. Here’s some of them telling how they run their organization’s operations with Secapp.

SSAB Raahe factory fire brigade

The SSAB Raahe factory fire brigade has replaced many other systems by centralizing communication and alerting in Secapp.

Watch the video to hear about SSAB Raahe’s experiences with Secapp.

Woman with mobile phone

Finnish Tax Administration

Finnish Tax Administration uses Secapp to enable fast and efficient communication to the entire staff. Additionally, Secapp is used to to maintain a situational view related to disruption management.

Read more about the Finnish Tax Administration’s experience with Secapp.

Kädet yhdessä

South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (Essote)

“Since Secapp was already being used for work calls, it was natural to expand its use within the same system for safeguarding those working alone.”

Read more in this guest blog by Seppo Hujanen, Security Manager at Essote

Telecommunication towers with wireless antennas on sunset sky


“Coordinating a large-scale disruption and starting operations has sped up enormously. This also saves a lot of time in the control room for other work. One push of a button, and things start rolling.”

Read more how Secapp helps telecommunications and mobile network provider DNA to reach the right people quickly and reliably.

Port of Helsinki

One important aspect of being prepared is practice and system testing, so that any potential problems and procedures can be improved beforehand.

Read more about an extensive safety exercise The Port of Helsinki organized.

man standing with airplane

Cascais Airport

When an urgent emergency comes up, instead of having to make dozens of phone calls, The Airport operations team can now react in seconds with one click of a button.

Read more about how alerting and critical communications at the Cascais Airport are done with the help of Secapp.

Komatsu Forest

Komatsu Forest recommends Secapp to all companies whose employees work alone in the field.

In this video, Komatsu forest tells about how they ensure their lone worker’s safety with Secapp.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)

“Secapp is overall a good solution for organizations that may have a need to alert and summon staff suddenly”

Read more about how information exchange will now be ensured between STUK and its collaborators during all situations.


“Now we can inform our personnel entering the Kista Galleria area automatically using geofencing and ready-made templates.”

Read more about how Citycon is improving its safety culture in its shopping centres.

The Finnish Air Rescue Society

“We use Secapp for alerting, coordinating and reporting.”

Watch a video on how Finnish Air Rescue Society uses Secapp for mobile coordinating and reporting.

Jokilaaksot Rescue Service Department

“The software brings plenty of benefits, most importantly dispatching and two-way communication, helping us to create situational awareness in real-time.”

Read more about how Secapp was used in the Kalajoki wildfire rescue operation.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

“We reach our vast community at any time.”

Watch a video on how we help Laurea improve the safety of the educational institution and mass messaging.

The National Intensive Care Coordinating Office

“At eight o’clock in the morning, a situational awareness message is sent to the contact number of each Intensive Care Unit using the Secapp application.”

Read how Kuopio University Hospital coordinates the adequacy of intensive care capacity.

Kuopio University Hospital

“Even just in the case of shift changes and overtime dispatching, we use it (Secapp) dozens if not hundreds of times a day.”

Read more about how we help Kuopio University Hospital.

Mikkeli Central Hospital

“One of our nurses said that she had never fallen in love with any app but with Secapp she has.”

Watch a video to learn how Mikkeli Central Hospitals handles dispatching and alerting in large-scale accidents with Secapp.

Seinäjoki Central Hospital

“Before Secapp the alerts could take 5-10 minutes. With Secapp it’s done in 30-60 seconds.”

Watch a video and learn how Seinäjoki Central Hospital alerts faster.

More of our customers


Leading owner, manager and developer of mixed-use centres including retail, services, office space and housing.


One of Finland’s leading telecommunications groups, which offers high-quality voice, data and TV services for communication, entertainment and work.

The Finnish Flight Rescue Association

One of the coordination organizations of the Voluntary Rescue Service (Vapepa).


Kiilto develops, manufactures and markets solutions for the chemical industry.

Kuopio University Hospital

Kuopio University Hospital is one of the five university hospitals in Finland.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Laurea has six campuses, a total of 7,800 students & approximately 550 employees in Finland.

Port of Hanko

The southernmost port in Finland, with a fast connection to Central Europe, all over Finland and Russia.

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) supervises radiation and nuclear safety in Finland.

Hospital District in South Savonia, Finland

Develop social and health care services in seven municipalities.

Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia

 Encompasses 18 Finnish-speaking municipalities in South Ostrobothnia.

City of Jyväskylä, Finland

A city and municipality in Finland in the western part of the Finnish Lakeland.

City of Varkaus, Finland

A city located in North Savo in eastern Finland with the third-largest population in the province.

KIP Service

Creates an operating environment for large industries and partnership networks.

The Finnish Shared Network

 A shared network company to design, implement and maintain a mobile network in Northern and Eastern Finland.