Secapp is a critical communications and alerting SaaS platform

Secapp is built to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos. All this is in a platform where the data remains secure and owned by the customer. Secapp doesn’t require any additional equipment from the sender or receiver(s).

Ultimately, Secapp can help to save lives and manage critical operations in times of crisis.

Key features

Secapp’s functions and features are based on modern communication technologies that allow different communication, alerting and management measures to be handled from a single platform. It gives you tools for professional daily communications and preparing, managing, and recovering from unexpected situations.

Alerting and paging

Secapp has paid special attention to ensuring reliable message delivery, security, and the ability to send and target critical information to the right people within seconds, whether there are one or thousands of recipients.

  • The alerted individuals can see in real-time who can join the alert situation and with what skills.

  • Messages can be targeted to individuals based on their skills (e.g., first aid training, C driver’s license), availability information, groups, or location data.

  • Alerts can bypass silence settings and they demand instant response.

  • With area alerts, you can automate communication and alerts for areas such as a factory, construction site, or office.

  • Secapp also supports fully automated alerts and communication, which can be triggered based on information coming from another system.

Secure Chat

Secapp’s instant messaging feature, Chat, makes teamwork smooth and efficient while keeping work communication separate from personal messaging. Through conversations, you can share real-time information among various stakeholders – even across organizational boundaries. You can use Secapp on mobile devices and through a web browser.

  • Send text, images, audio, or your location on the map, and share attachments.

  • You can set a topic for the conversation and update it as needed.

  • All information shared in Secapp remains owned by the customer, making Secapp an excellent solution for business use, unlike consumer-focused messaging applications.

Safe voice and video call platform Meet

Each alert can include a video or voice conferencing room for sharing updates and information with those involved in the alert.

  • Communicate securely through voice and video.

  • Use it on Android, iOS, or through a web browser.

  • In the meeting, you can share your screen, request to speak by virtually raising your hand, mute or unmute participants, and monitor the quality of the connection.

  • You can set a password protection for the meeting and manage participants’ entry with lobby approvals.

Lone Worker Safety

The mobile application includes features specifically designed for lone worker safety: the OneClick button and the Lone Working switch. These features are easily customizable to meet your organization’s requirements.

  • Send messages and alerts with just one press.

  • Physical emergency buttons can also be connected to Secapp for sending alerts.

  • The Lone Working switch and the immobility alert provide security for lone workers by alerting for help if the switch is not reset within a set time period or if the user’s phone has been inactive for a specified period.

  • Both alerts made with the OneClick button and the Lone Working switch can be accompanied by location information, allowing help to be easily and quickly directed to the right place.

Checklists and reporting

With mobile checklists and reporting, you can collect critical data within minutes.

  • Manage critical assets and sites (e.g. premises, devices, vehicles, or assets related to your operations)

  • Can be used with individual field operations, daily asset checklist, or to form a nationwide situational awareness picture.

Site, asset, and device registries

With a customizable premise and device registries, you can easily manage your site, asset, and device documentation.

  • Create and manage site, asset, and device information according to the specific needs of each industry.

  • Site and device registries are easily modified and maintained: possibility to edit and add pictures, videos, smart fields, coordinates, QR/barcodes, signatures, free text/numbers, and selection lists.

  • Share access to the data securely


Secapp’s design has been based on easy integration with the organization’s existing systems and physical buttons.

  • Automatically send an alert from another system to the desired target group using Secapp
  • Synchronize user, group, or competency information through the API or Azure AD interface
  • Send an alert from Secapp to another system
  • For example, share acknowledgment and location information and reports as return information.

Read more about integrations

Capture attention…

In everyday life

  • Alerting and paging personnel: to quickly find and alert substitutes and extras when the need arises

  • Assembling and alerting fast response teams

  • Internal instant messaging and information delivery: secure replacement for consumer apps such as WhatsApp.

  • Mass messaging to keep customers and stakeholders informed

  • Operative management: such as coordinating routine tasks and checks (e.g. installations, maintenance, inspections)

  • Documentation related to properties, sites and assets

  • Managing expenditure: work and material orders, keeping track of capital and operational expenses

  • Managing multi-stakeholder environments: via secure information sharing and documentation tools

  • Safety checks: at workplaces, construction sites, etc.

In crisis and emergencies

  • Preparing for unexpected events: creating message and task templates and automation

  • Managing contact information, skills, availability and location information

  • Alerting and informing personnel and stakeholders in case of crises or unexpected events such as fires, chemical leaks, terrorism, natural disasters, power outages, water contaminations, and system failures

  • Automated or manual informing of stakeholders in case of system failures to make sure they have instant access to up-to-date information.

  • Alerting operative staff and coordinating executive decision-making: for example in case of a PR crisis

  • Task and checklists for coordinating and reporting tasks in unexpected situations

  • Personal safety tools for workers: location tracking, timed or movement-based dead man’s switch, and customizable panic buttons

  • Reporting accidents and close calls with a few pushes of buttons

  • Automated alerts from existing systems via integrations

Here’s how some of our customers are using Secapp

The National Intensive Care Coordinating Office

“At eight o’clock in the morning, a situational awareness message is sent to the contact number of each Intensive Care Unit using the Secapp application.”

Learn how KYS maintains a national ICU situation.


“Now we can inform our personnel entering the Kista Galleria area automatically using geofencing and ready-made templates.”

Read more about how Citycon is improving its safety culture in its shopping centres.

The Finnish Air Rescue Society

“We use Secapp for alerting, coordinating and reporting.”

Watch a video on how Finnish Air Rescue Society uses Secapp for mobile coordinating and reporting.

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