Secapp’s Chat is an instant messaging solution that enables information-secure conversation between individuals and groups. The chat is suitable both for casual everyday conversations, as well as conveying critical information during an emergency. Communication is reliable and quick, so messages can be sent and received in real time. 

Secapp is a secure platform that helps your organization comply with the requirements of the GDPR. In addition to text, the chat enables the sharing of photos, videos, voice messages, location and files. You can use the chat via the mobile application, as well as via browser.

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5 reasons to use Secapp Chat

  1. Critical information can be conveyed to the right people in seconds.
  2. Accurately manage who has access to chat groups.
  3. Shared information and content is always owned by the customer.
  4. Use offline support to manage the contact list of the organization (separate from the phone’s own) that is not shared with third parties
  5. Track audit trail information: the system records data, such as who has added or removed content.
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What is it made of?

The user-friendly system includes familiar features from other instant messaging platforms while providing a secure option that is managed centrally by your organization. The data always remains in the customer’s ownership and is stored on secure Finnish servers. Organizations gain access to reliable chat functions for sharing various kinds of messages (text, photo, video, voice message, file, location) via the mobile application, as well as via browser. 

In Secapp, special attention has been paid to the reliable delivery of messages and sending of information to the right people in seconds. The solution is well suited both for everyday instant messaging, and conveying situational updates during emergency situations. The chat integrates seamlessly with Secapp’s alerting functionalities, as each Secapp alert can also include its own chat group. Different chat groups can also be created for emergency situations in advance – for example, if different teams or employees have different responsibilities and instructions during an emergency. 

Instant messaging features

  • Everyday instant messaging about work tasks within teams, or the whole organization
  • Quick sharing of critical information and forming of situational awareness in exceptional situations
  • Sharing of text, photos, videos, voice messages, location, and files
  • Video connection enables conferencing and conveying of additional information

Information security

  • Secapp helps you communicate in a way that complies with GDPR requirements
  • Information is always controlled by the organization
  • Remote controlling of data is possible, for example, in cases of device loss or employee turnover
  • Data is retained on Finnish servers

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