The principles of our whistleblowing notification channel

Whistleblowing is an anonymous reporting channel governed by the EU directive. Secapp Oy’s notification channel gives you the opportunity to report suspected misdemeanor or give other feedback about all our activities that do not comply with our organization’s values ​​and practices. The notification channel is an important tool for us to foster transparency and high ethics in our operations. The notification channel is part of our responsible operation, and reports can be submitted to the notification channel not only by our own personnel, but also by persons outside Secapp Oy.

The processing of your report is protected in accordance with the EU directive on the Whistleblower protection, and we treat all notifications confidentially.

We encourage you to contact primarily our administration or our superiors in our organization. If you feel that you cannot share your information openly, you can also share your concerns anonymously.

How do I make a notification?

Sending the notification is done easily and safely by following the instructions in the form. Your notification will be processed within 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays), after which we may be in touch with you regarding your notification, if you have left your contact information. You can also leave the report completely anonymously.

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