Secapp offers you automatic alerting that saves time, reduces user errors, and enhances safety.

Secapp can be integrated with existing systems to trigger automatic alerts to pre-set recipients based on incoming data.  Examples include crime and fire alarm systems, building automation, and personal security buttons. This helps the right people to take charge of developing situations as quickly as possible.

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Why Secapp?

Shorten alerting delay

Reduce user errors

Immediate delivery of alerts and operational instructions

Others who count on Secapp

5 reasons to start using Smart Connected Alerting

  1. Sending of an automated alert chain either completely automatically or with a single click
  2. No user errors, or dependency on someone to send the alerts
  3. Enhanced work safety, ensures help arrives quickly when needed
  4. Delivering essential everyday operational instructions to a specific area or quickly transmitting evacuation instructions.
  5. Save time from calls and text message chains, and concentrate on core work
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What is it made of?

Secapp’s smart connected alerts enable messages to be sent automatically or triggered with a single click, initiating the entire alert chain. 

By integrating Secapp with systems such as crime and fire alarm systems or building automation, you can quickly reach the right people. You can also automate follow-up communication, so that further alerts and escalation go out according to predefined rules. Regional alerts can be used to automatically send instructions or warnings to individuals within a specific area. Alerts can be targeted to certain predefined groups of recipients in advance, such as emergency personnel, safety officers, or security guards.


  • Secapp can be integrated with existing systems
  • Send automated alerts to pre-set target groups based on other systems’ input
  • Integrates with building automation, crime and fire alarm systems, personal security buttons, and various monitoring systems and sensors
  • Lets the right people to react as quickly as possible

Automated alerts

  • Organizations can define, for example, their workplaces in such a way that the people in the area will receive automated messages
  • In dangerous situations, people can be warned and evacuation instructions given immediately
  • Alerts can be predefined to automatically be sent at a specific time: routine reminders, announcements, checklists, events, etc. 
  • With automation, alerts can be defined to send continuation alerts based on the responses of the recipients

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