Using Secapp for Mass Notification lets you reach everyone in your organization quickly and easily, as well as other relevant stakeholders such as other companies, healthcare, or public authorities. Mass messages through multiple devices reach tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people in seconds. 

Messages and alerts can bypass silence settings and demand immediate response. This ensures that you will get people’s attention and receive responses quickly.

With Secapp, you can trust that the messages are delivered and that critical information is sent and targeted to the correct individuals and groups in seconds.

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Why Secapp?

Alert and inform everyone you need with ease

Reduce workload and the possibility of human errors

Reach tens, hundreds, or thousands of people in seconds

Others who count on Secapp

5 reasons to choose Secapp for Mass Notification

  1. Reach entire communities within seconds, both in exceptional situations and in everyday information sharing
  2. Prepare for disruptive and exceptional situations with ready-made message templates
  3. Messages and alerts will bypass silence settings if needed
  4. Communication takes place on a secure platform
  5. Control center can require responses and get information about who can help in resolving the situation
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What is it made of?

Secapp lets you send mass messages, alert pre-set groups, and collect and share information via a secure platform to multiple different channels. The service provides real-time chat and video connection functions, and the possibility to share text, photos, videos, sound, attachments and location on the map. You can add existing groups, such as work teams that are targeted via Secapp Alert, as mass message recipients and combine multiple small groups into a large group of recipients. 

Secapp can be used for everyday communication, as well as alerting, warning, and crisis communication in emergencies. In everyday communication, mass messages can be used for sharing information that affects the whole organization, for example, regarding current events, personnel issues or maintenance breaks. Customizable alert and operational instruction templates enable quick reactions in dangerous situations. 

Quick multi-channel alerting

  • Sending messages and alerts through multiple different channels: application, SMS, email, desktop or robot calls
  • Communication targeting based on people’s location, skills, or group information
  • Reduces manual work in mass alerting
  • Ensures that you get people’s attention and response quickly

Regional alerts

  • Organizations can define, for example, their worksites and office locations in such a way that the people in the area will receive automated messages
  • Instructions during evacuation, reminders of safety precautions, accident and threat alerts
  • Alerts can be scheduled or kept active at all times
  • Immediate notifications of hazardous situations enhance the safety of all individuals present in the area

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