How does Secapp work in daily communications, alerting or reporting?

Please see how our customers use Secapp every day for different situations.

VIDEO 1: Reducing the alerting delay

  • Joni Alanko, Project Manager at Seinäjoki Central Hospital
    • “Before Secapp the alerting took 5-10 minutes. With Secapp it is done in 30-60 seconds.”


VIDEO 2: Dispatching and alerting in large-scale accidents

  • Marika Heiskanen, Service Secretary at Essote First Aid
    • “One of our nurses said that she had never fallen in love with any app but with Secapp she has”


VIDEO 3: Improving safety of the educational institution and mass messaging

  • Tiina Ranta, Director of Security and Safety at Laurea University of Applied Sciences
    • “We reach our vast community at any time”


VIDEO 4: Mobile coordinating and reporting

  • Arto Kupiainen, Head of Preparedness at the Finnish Air Rescue Society
    • “We use Secapp for alerting, coordinating and reporting”


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