More than 7 million Secapp alerts worldwide in 2021

In 2021, Secapp helped in a wide range of communication and crisis situations around the world including Finland, Estonia, and the Middle East, whether it was fighting large scale forest fires or helping day-to-day operations of critical hospital units. Secapp also stepped up its efforts to ensure everyday security in the private sector e.g., in international shopping malls, ports, production plants, and in the security sector, to name a few. Secapp has good reason to say it has been saving lives worldwide, as shown by more than 7 million Secapp alerts last year.

Secapp designs and develops a secure application for versatile organizational and crisis communication use. The main features of the application are multi-channel alerting of professionals and units in crisis management and solution, secure instant messaging, documentation, and reporting of critical information. 

With Secapp’s alerts, information about a major accident or threat, for example, is provided to the right parties quickly and reliably, so that the information is noticed and responded to in seconds. The application clarifies and speeds up communication, saving time, resources, and ultimately human lives. Secapp alerts provide information to the right and targeted individuals and teams quickly and reliably. The information is noticed and responded to in seconds. The application allows communication to be clear and fast, thus, saving time, resources, and, ultimately, human lives.


Secapp’s important work for a safer world was further highlighted in 2021. Secapp recruited 15 new employees and has currently 43 employees in total to continue the meaningful work to protect and save lives and help our wider customer base. The use of the service has expanded to new countries, where it is a reliable tool to assist the work of many professionals. Today, Secapp has partners in 12 different countries worldwide promoting our business and helping customers to increasingly use the service.

“Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, the company and its operations developed, grew, and renewed also in 2021. Special thanks are due to our employees, who, even in exceptional circumstances, have responded to their work, the needs of our customers and partners, the pandemic, the health of themselves and their colleagues responsibly, says Kari Aho”, CEO of Secapp.

Valued partners and award

Last year, Secapp partnered with the largest and most solvent bank in the Nordic countries, when Nordea provided it with EUR 750,000 in growth financing. The most important criteria for granting financing are sound cash flow and business operations.

“We have met the required criteria. With the funding, we will be able to recruit more employees in Finland and expand our partner network”, comments Aho. “It will help us to build a stronger path to internationalization and secure the future as we strive to make the world a safer place to live.”

Another important new partner is the private equity fund Midinvest Oy, which after the ownership arrangements owns ~10% of Secapp. Midinvest brings strong expertise and experience to the financial and economic side of the international SaaS business. “There is a strong team player with us on our trip, with whom the cooperation has been seamless from the very beginning”, Aho says.

With summer just around the corner, all Secapp staff was grateful and happy about the company’s World Achievement award. It is an annual award given by the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce to a company that has grown successfully and exported know-how and services internationally. “In 2021, the award was presented to Secapp, an honor and an appreciation we are truly proud of. It was indeed a great feeling for the whole Secapp team of getting recognized for your hard and well-done work with the award”, CEO Aho says with pride in his voice.

Figures reveal the growth

Active sales work and the need for Secapp in exceptional circumstances attracted new customers, which also provides a good foundation for 2022. “Our net sales in 2021 were at the level of EUR 2,62 million, while in 2020 it was EUR 2 million. The expansion of the international business was also the engine of strong growth so that we now operate in 12 countries”, Aho sums up last year. The opening of an office in Solna Business Park, Sweden, is also part of our growth story.

“In 2021, we hired 15 new employees and there are now 43 people at Secapp working on and developing an important tool. New job positions were also created, the most important of which was the strengthening of the Customer Success team and the establishment of the Partnership team. The Customer Success team is responsible for the deployment phase and training with the customer. It provides customer support when needed, and activates them to use the service. The main focus of the Partnership team is to strengthen and enhance cooperation with our existing partners and establish new partnerships in the international market. All of this helps to drive our mission to make the world safer”, Aho says.

Secapp attracts more and more interest in the global market

As the Covid-19 situation eased for a moment, the world opened cautiously and for a long time, there was an opportunity to participate in a few live international trade fairs and events.

“The most important event was the Critical Communications World 2021 trade fair held in Madrid in early November. Despite the pandemic, there were a lot of exhibitors and participants and the event was organized to ensure health security. The fair, with networking and face-to-face meetings with customers, was a good experience”, says Aho. Secapp attracted a lot of interest and we got new openings in more countries. “We currently have 29 partners promoting and expanding the use of Secapp to help customers in their work, but our partner network continues to expand to cover 100 selected partners”, Aho adds.

Reliable security is a part of daily life in Secapp

The company’s growth has been significant, but the service and its quality will remain high. Secapp does not compromise on this.

“Information management is an integral part of our operations. Our customers set the standard on our operations and requirements on the protection of their information. Last year, the ISO27001 auditing process was conducted successfully, and we applied for ISO27001 certification that we expect to receive in early 2022. With the certificate, we want to show that we systematically manage our operations and the security of our customers’ information to keep it well protected and in compliance with applicable legislation”, says Aho.

The shareholder program is an opportunity to see the results of Secapp’s future progress from a shareholder perspective as well

Towards the end of December, as the Covid-19 situation deteriorated, Secapp employees also returned to remote work. The remote work best practices continue, even though it means keeping face-to-face meetings and contacts to a minimum. The sense of workplace communality and interaction between people is maintained, for example, with casual virtual coffee breaks, which are easy for even a new employee to join and get to know the corporate culture and the people who build it. The so-called living room chats and various technologies also enable the company to have relaxed and informal remote get-together events and parties.

“People are our most important asset and it is parallel to attract, retain and motivate skilled and experienced current and future secappians”, underlines Aho. We try to support that in multiple ways, and in 2021, we launched an employee shareholder program, which offers our employees the possibility to acquire a shareholding in Secapp. Thus, giving the opportunity to become an even stronger part of Secapp and see the results of Secapp’s future progress from a shareholder perspective as well”, Aho emphasizes.

Zero customer churn as a goal also in 2022

Secapp’s goal is to support customers so that customer relationships are maintained and deepened, customer satisfaction is the best possible, and, furthermore, the use of Secapp can be expanded where possible. Secapp’s customer churn has been almost zero during the ten years of operation. It is clear proof of the customer satisfaction, good quality of our customer service, and our commitment to build long lasting relationships.

“We strive to keep long lasting relationships in mind while we aim to open our business to new countries and strengthen our operations in those countries where we already operate. We will succeed in this with the help of good distributors and partners, which we are actively looking for as we expand our operations. We will continue to implement our growth strategy in many areas, which means a target of roughly EUR 4 million in net sales for the current year. We are also continuing active recruitment and aim for 75 to 100 people by the end of 2022. But our most important goal is still to make the world safer and help save lives”, CEO Kari Aho emphasizes.

Interested in a partnership or want to hear how Secapp can help your organization communicate securely and alert in seconds? Please contact:

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Secapp Oy

  • Designs, produces, and develops a secure application called Secapp for versatile organizational and crisis communication and alerting use.
  • The main features of the application are multi-channel alerting of important people, secure instant messaging, and documentation and reporting of critical information.
  • Operates nationwide in Finland and the Nordic Countries, Estonia, the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, and Japan.
  • Secapp is used by more than 100,000 professionals in more than 800 organizations, including public authorities, educational institutions, public administrations, and companies.