Please note, that this picture is from an iPhone. An Android layout will be slightly different.


Secapp mobile security will be completely revamped. In the future, you will find both panic buttons and a dead man’s switch for security when working alone in one easy-to-use button. In addition to even better and more available functions, the name has been changed to OneClick. The redesign will be phased in from the beginning of January 2022, so that it will be available to everyone in early February.


The change will be made in response to the increasingly diversified customer demand for mobile buttons. The OneClick button can be used for more than just personal security. It is suitable for a wide range of everyday situations, such as ordering equipment or goods, reporting infrastructure failures, and sending reporting actions to the field.  Customers have already aptly dubbed it the “Secapp remote control”.


In addition to the redesign of the user interface, user management has also been significantly improved. Now users can edit, add, and remove OneClick functions group-specifically. Previously, this had to be done user-specifically.


In addition, the synchronization of user data is very helpful in situations such as when a new employee joins the organization. If a Secapp customer has the synchronization feature enabled, the new employee will automatically receive the OneClick buttons used in the organization.



Please note, that the picture is from an iPhone. An Android layout will be slightly different.



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