Tuudo & Secapp: Safety in educational institutions takes a leap forward thanks to Secapp’s unique integration



In recent years, the Secapp system has become established in the safety communications of educational institutions. Thanks to the new integration with the Tuudo service favored by higher-education students, critical safety communications will now reach tens of thousands of students regardless of time and place – with just one click.



In various crisis and emergencies, educational institutions must be able to reach all persons concerned as reliably as possible. Already 62 Finnish educational institutions are using the Secapp system for critical communication and alerting, but so far it has typically only covered the staff of educational institutions.


After the new integration, however, critical safety messages can be sent through the Secapp system directly to all students using the Tuudo application. Secapp’s new integration is unique, as there is no other safety solution like it on the market.


– The ability to simultaneously utilize two services smartly and effectively improves the overall safety of the institutions. The interface enables reaching just the right people, assures Secapp’s Head of Sales Aleksi Aaltonen.


According to Aaltonen, the seamless integration streamlines and facilitates the activities of the educational institutions, and its implementation does not require any special measures. The integration can easily be scaled for educational institutions of different sizes and types.



Safety communication feature acts as an insurance



Tuudo’s Business Director Harri Koskimäki had heard good feedback about Secapp’s crisis communication system, which eventually prompted the collaboration. According to Koskimäki, implementing the integration with Secapp was definitely a great opportunity for synergy.


– For educational institutions, the integration offers something more than the sum of Secapp and Tuudo. In a way, the emergency communication feature functions as an insurance that may never be needed. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to have that feature, emphasizes Koskimäki.


Now, thanks to the integration, the Secapp system can be used for informing students of how to act in case of an emergency, such as a fire, or when there is an intruder. On the other hand, it can also be used to provide information on current issues such as the ongoing pandemic or significant failures in the information system.


– For instance, if an intruder is detected in the educational institution, an alert containing instructions for staff and students is sent via Secapp. The staff receives the instructions contained by the Secapp alert via the Secapp application and the students via the Tuudo application, explains Aaltonen.


Koskimäki adds that each educational institution can choose what kinds of ready-made emergency message templates it wants for the Secapp service and in what real-life situations it wants to utilize the integration.



Critical information reaches virtually every student



Since 2016, the Tuudo application has been an important part of the everyday life of higher-education students. The application functions as a single point of information offering everything a student needs, such as personal schedules, course enrolment, campus maps, student cafeteria menus, and library service.


The application is already in use in 26 higher education institutions, and it has an average of 135,000 active users a month. Currently, the application is also about to be launched in secondary education institutions.


– Tuudo is a service trusted and recommended by students. It’s often the first platform from which they seek information. That’s why it’s also a logical place for acute safety communications, points out Tuudo’s Marketing and Communications Manager Sonja Arstio.


Since Tuudo is already widely used by students, they will be easier to reach after the implementation of the new integration, as many are currently studying in various facilities around campus and remotely at home. For the students, the new feature will be automatically enabled in the application.


– For example, text messages are very expensive and unreliable, and it’s difficult to keep everyone’s contact details up to date. Therefore an established application for critical communication is definitely more effective. It reaches practically every student, estimates Koskimäki.



Occupational safety as a priority for educational institutions



The EduSafe research and development project implemented by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the University of Turku shows that Finnish educational institutions are typically considered safe learning environments but have also experienced safety challenges in recent years.


However, the safety of educational institutions is being developed in many ways. According to the Finnish National Agency for Education, communication has a crucial role in handling crises, focusing on providing the right target group with the right information at the right time. The integration between Secapp and Tuudo provides a solution precisely for this.


– It’s important that students and staff can always feel safe entering educational institutions. That’s why we, above all, strive to ensure that our system promotes a proactive safety culture. It helps prepare well for dangerous situations and perhaps even avoid them altogether, emphasizes Aaltonen.


The first to implement the integration feature was the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in the summer of 2021. Laurea provides safety-industry education. Now Aaltonen and Koskimäki encourage other educational institutions to implement the integration, as well.


– In educational institutions, usually, an exceptional number of people are simultaneously working and studying on the same premises. If something unexpected happens, the risks are great. That’s why every educational institution should set occupational safety as their priority, Aaltonen and Koskimäki conclude.



More information:


Aleksi Aaltonen
Head of Sales, Secapp
+358 50 4350 028

Harri Koskimäki
Business Director, Tuudo
+358 40 5155 646



Writer: Nelli Leppänen





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