The notification below applies to Apple iOS devices running the Secapp mobile app:

We will update the technology required to override the silent settings on iPhones and iPads. The aim is to ensure that alerts can be received without delay in all situations. The redesign takes advantage of Apple’s Critical Alerts function, which Secapp has received special permission from Apple to use. The redesign will be phased in from the beginning of January 2022, so that it will be available on Apple iOS devices from the beginning of February.

Messages sent using the Critical Alerts function always emit a sound and appear on the locked screen, even if the iPhone or iPad is muted or in Do not disturb mode.

Upgrades and activation

The Secapp mobile app will be upgraded in phases during January 2022, enabling the introduction of the Critical Alerts function. The update will be sent to the user automatically. After the update has been installed, the user will receive the following message:

As part of the update, we switched to using Critical Alert notifications as a better way to get your attention when necessary. If you have a different sound for alarms than the Secapp mobile app default sound, this will become the default sound when you activate the feature:

We have added new sound options for alarms. These can be found in the app’s sound settings (Settings -> Sound settings).

In the future, Critical Alerts notifications will be indicated with a small warning triangle icon in your phone notifications:


If the Critical Alerts function is not activated, the application will continue to work as before. However, Secapp recommends enabling this function, to ensure that alerts are received without delay in all situations.