Secapp’s dead man’s switch for improving lone workers’ safety is now also available for iOS mobile devices (iPhones and iPads)


Until now, Secapp’s dead man’s switch has only been available for Android devices. The dead man’s switch is a downward timer that resets whenever the mobile device moves. Our mobile application monitors the device’s motion and acceleration sensors in practice. If the timer reaches zero, it will trigger a message template connected to the dead man’s switch.



Installing and using the dead man’s switch:



1. Make sure the functionality of the dead man’s switch is enabled in your organization. Contact us if you do not have it and want to take advantage of the functionality.


2. The dead man’s switch is turned on under the user settings: select which message template to send if the timer goes to zero. Select the length of the timer in minutes.
After saving, the dead man’s switch appears among the OneClick buttons on the user’s mobile device.


3. The person can start the timer and start working alone by clicking the button.


4. To turn off the timer, press the button again.


5. With the dead man’s switch running, there are three ways to get it back on the screen:


1. from the device notification center
2. by clicking on the widget (requires widget installation)
3. from Secapp, under the OneClick button



Please see the video below on how the dead man’s switch works.