Finnish software company Secapp has reached the finals of the Finland’s nationwide Kasvu Open program in 2020. The company, which produces and develops a critical communication application for professionals, is among the top ten Finnish growth companies in the finals. One of the companies will be selected as the winner of the entire Kasvu Open program at the end of October.

Kari Aho, CEO of Secapp, is pleased with the benefits the company has already received from both the place in the finals and the sparring program itself.

– It feels, of course, very good to reach the finals and be among the other strong Finnish companies. However, this is not a race from start to finish but more of a long journey and we have already got a lot from this program. We have, for example, opened new discussion with potential partners, financiers and customers. In addition, the fact that we have been able to convince the Kasvu Open’s jury creates faith in our own story and that we are doing good work in the field of critical communications, Aho says.

Secapp grows rapidly

The year 2020 has been exceptional in many ways. At Secapp, however, the past year has been quite the opposite as the company’s turnover has doubled compared to 2019.

– The growth is quite rapid at the moment and in addition to the figures we have grown also in terms of employees. We are currently hiring a new employee roughly every week and the need still conitnues, Chief Business Officer Jani Lehtinen tells.


  • Designs, produces and develops a secure application called Secapp for versatile organizational and crisis communication use
  • The main features of the application are multi-channel alerting of important people, secure instant messaging and documentation and reporting of critical information
  • Operates nationwide in Finland and also, for example, in the Nordic Countries, Estonia, the Middle East, Spain and Japan
  • Secapp is used by more than 80,000 professionals in more than 600 organizations, including public authorities, educational institutions, public administrations and companies

More information:
Kari Aho
CEO, Secapp Oy

Jani Lehtinen
CBO, Secapp Oy