The increase in civil unrest, epidemics and extreme weather conditions are seen almost every day throughout the world. To be able to help the organizations in Sweden and the Nordic countries even better, Secapp, the Finnish critical communications company, expands its investments in the Swedish market by opening an office in Stockholm today, the first of October.


The demand for safety, security and communication solutions to maintain essential services during crises has also grown the demand for Secapp’s platform which is used yearly to send over four million alerts related to incidents, emergencies, and critical operations – potentially saving lives. At the moment Secapp employs 40 people and keeps growing every month.


“This is an excellent milestone for Secapp in its 10-year journey. Opening an office in Sweden was a logical step to reinforce the company’s current successful presence in the Swedish markets. At the same time, we are also able to offer broader services and help our customers even better with their challenges related to safety and threats”, says Kari Aho, CEO of Secapp.


Secapp’s secure communication platform for professionals can be used on any device such as smartphones, legacy phones, TETRA devices and computers. It can be used, for example, to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and for secure real-time chats and videos. The platform saves time, financial resources and ultimately human lives.


Welcome to Solna Business Park



Located at Svetsarvägen 15, the Solna Business Park Centre is situated in one of Stockholm’s most up-to-date business parks and is home to dozens of companies.


Nils Nyberg, Secapp’s International Sales Representative in Sweden, will be hosting the office from the first of October.


“Secapp has been represented in Sweden for some years already but now we have taken a step forward and have an actual office and representation here in Stockholm. It’s a nice change from working at home, especially after the Covid-19 crisis. The Swedish government also confirmed that they went ahead with the previously announced changes to lift most of the covid restrictions this Wednesday, 29 September. It feels good to be able to invite people to our new office to have a nice cup of coffee and help to solve their challenges with Secapp’s features”, Nyberg says.


“My focus lies first in the Swedish market, but I am of course helping organizations and professionals in all the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom, for example. I am also originally from Belgium, so I am keeping my eyes out towards that region as well. I am out here to ‘conquer the world’ ”, Nyberg adds with a twinkle in the corner of his eye.


In addition to rejoicing over having the opportunity to meet customers again, Nils Nyberg is impressed by the benefits Regus, the workspace location provider, offers.


“Regus has thousands of locations around the world and with my Regus membership I am, for example, able to work wherever our business takes me. Whether I need to go to Helsinki or New York, I know there is an office space I can use. We will go to the Critical Communications World conference in Madrid in the beginning of November, so it is nice to feel safe that we always have that backup workspace location. I also have to say that I felt very accepted when I received a welcoming email from Mark Dixon, the CEO of IWG plc himself, who owns the Regus company. In addition, I was totally blown away by the fact that when I replied to his message, he actually – personally – replied back even though he must be very busy! They really care about their residents and I love that personal touch in a company”, Nyberg tells.


We hope to see you at Solna Business Park!


Nils Nyberg
International Sales Representative
+46 733 282 222


Regus, Solna Business Park
Svetsarvägen 15 2tr
171 41 Solna, Stockholm


We follow the national COVID-19 guidelines.