Please note, that the picture is from an iPhone. An Android layout will be slightly different.


The Secapp message list is going to have undergone a complete makeover. In addition to the new visual layout, the information contained in the messages will be presented already in the list view. This makes it easy to get an overview of the information at a glance, without necessarily having to open the message at all. The redesign will be phased in from the beginning of January 2022, for Android and thereafter for iOS devices.

Messages will become more like data cards whose content depends on the information contained in the message. For example, message report information and user acknowledgments are now immediately visible in the message list view.

The new features make it easier for users to create their own snapshots and to structure the information they contain:

– Message priority (low, medium, high)
– Beginning of the message content
– Message-related location information
– Report and its status
– Acknowledgments from users included in the message
– The user’s own acknowledgment and its status


Please note, that the video is from an Android phone. An iPhone layout will be slightly different.