We are extremely proud to be one of the event sponsors and excited to hear more about critical care in the Nordics. We are also looking forward to seeing professionals throughout the sector. 

Secapp shares the same mission with RETTS: to help increase efficiency in emergency care. Secapp is an alerting and critical communication tool, helping save time, resources and ultimately lives in emergencies and daily operations. 

For hospitals and health care organizations our platform offers plenty of benefits such as dispatching automation to fill work shifts or alerting urgent human resources. It also reduces alerting time when a group of specialists (e.g., Trauma Team, Surgery Team, First Responders) are needed immediately. In addition, the platform can be used, for example, for secure video consultation between a hospital and an ambulance crew. 

Secapp can bypass the mute settings in critical situations allowing users to react and respond to messages and creating real-time situational awareness at the same time. The platform works on any device such as smartphones, legacy phones, TETRA devices and computers.

Our team is happy to tell you more about what Secapp can do for you! Contact our team by email or phone, or swing by for a cup of coffee and a chat at our Stockholm office. Now open at Regus Solna Business Park.

Secapp in Sweden:

Nils Nyberg
International Sales Representative
+46 733 28 22 22

Regus, Solna Business Park
Svetsarvägen 15 2tr
171 41 Solna, Stockholm

The RETTS summit takes place on 18th October 2021, from 9am to 3pm Göteborg time.

The Secapp Team at the summit is represented by Ira Salmela (Director of International Sales and Marketing), Michael Wolontis (Sales Manager in the Nordics) and Nils Nyberg (International Sales Representative in Sweden).