Secapp now allows you to manage and organize OneClick buttons (formerly known as Panic Buttons) by groups

You can add, delete or edit OneClick buttons through the group settings. The redesign makes Secapp admin’s work easier and faster, as they now don’t have to make changes to OneClick buttons one user at a time.

Here’s how to manage OneClick buttons through groups:

1. Open the group settings. Add the desired OneClick buttons to the group. Save the edits.

2. The OneClick buttons automatically appear for people in the group. If you remove a user from the group, the group’s OneClick buttons will also be removed. If the user has previously created OneClick buttons, they will still be visible. The user can see from the OneClick buttons which are their own and which are the group’s buttons.

3. You can now edit the OneClick buttons for the entire group through the group settings. Changes are automatically applied to all users in the group.