Niko Tuomi-Nikula

CTO, Co-founder, Co-owner

Niko Tuomi-Nikula is a multi-talented full-stack software professional with a very broad understanding of information technology. He is a networked entrepreneur with hands-on experience from dozens of international software companies, projects and products. Niko has at least basic but in most cases very in-depth knowledge of most tools and technologies. His ability to learn new concepts, business strategies and programming languages very fast make him an invaluable team member both from an operational as well as from a company strategy point of view. Strong experience in delivering agreed things in a timely fashion.

Key work experience

  • Chief Technical Officer, Co-owner, Co-founder at Secapp Ltd. 2018-
  • Chief Technical Officer, Co-owner, Co-founder at Versine Ltd. 2011-2018
  • Software designer, Project Manager at Nebula Ltd. 2010-2014
  • Software designer, systems administrator, DBA, analyst at Mediadrive Ltd. 2009-2016