Management Team

The management team is responsible for managing all Secapp-related day-to-day business operations and teams according to the strategy or guidelines set by the Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to, planning, managing and updating various processes, principles and practices, making recruitment decisions and coordinating HR activities, maintaining good relationships with customers, partners and contractors, as well as monitoring the development of financial matters and business plans.

Kari Aho
CEO, Co-founder

Ph.D. in mobile technologies and telecom expert with strong experience in working as a growth entrepreneur and board member. Experienced negotiator and leader who has led Secapp to a profitable growth path. Read more

Jani Lehtinen
Chief Business Officer

Multi-talented sales professional and growth-business entrepreneur with in-depth experience in software products and services. Strong experience in team leadership, identifying customer requirements, and understanding the “big-picture”. Read more

Matti Lehtinen
Head of Software Development

A valued expert in creating web software and leading teams. He sold his first software at the age of 14 and programming is still his passion. He has acquired an unparalleled experience as a project manager, team leader, and recruiter. Read more

Niko Tuomi-Nikula
Chief Technical Officer, Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur and software professional with a very broad understanding of information technology. Extremely well-networked entrepreneur with hands-on experience from dozens of international software companies, projects, and products. Read more

Aleksi Aaltonen
Head of Sales

Passionate people person helping organizations to succeed. Background in teacher studies and being a co-founder for a startup that taught professionals. Has a record of winning substantial contracts and mentoring high-performance teams. Read more

Henri Hassel
Head of Operations

International operations and IT professional with appreciated skills in team leadership. His attention and ability to develop processes and ways of working have transformed teams into highly productive units that enjoy what they do. Read more

Board of Directors

The board has a strategic function in providing the vision, mission and goals of the organization the CEO will implement at the company level. Thus, recruiting, supervising, retaining, evaluating and compensating the CEO is one the most important functions of the board of directors. The board has also the responsibility of developing a governance system for the business. The board has a fiduciary responsibility to represent and protect the shareholders interest in the company. So the board has to make sure the assets of the company are kept in good order. This includes the company’s equipment and facilities as well as the human capital (people who work for the company.). The board is in charge of closing the financial year, the auditing process and hires the auditor. It is in charge of making sure the audit is done in a timely manner each year.

Jani Lehtinen
Chairman of the Board, CBO at Secapp

Matti Lehtinen
Board member, Head of Software Development at Secapp

Niko Tuomi-Nikula
Board member, CTO at Secapp

Jarkko Danska
Board member,  Investment Director at Midinvest Management

Mike Rytokoski
Board member, President at Aprinnova

Mike Rytokoski serves at Amyris Inc. as President of the Aprinnova beauty care ingredients business. He brings over 30 years of international experience leading and growing businesses in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. Before joining Amyris, Rytokoski served as Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer for Goodyear based in Brussels. Prior to that, he led Goodyear’s passenger vehicle and SUV tire business in Asia Pacific based in Shanghai driving significant growth in both B2C and B2B areas.