Is your organization prepared to alert and reach important people and help in seconds if a crisis hits? Reduce alerting delays with Secapp.

Finnish Secapp is critical communications and alerting SAAS platform. It is built to broadcast mass notifications and alert individuals and teams – in just seconds. Do not waste precious time in situtations that can be already chaotic.

Case video: Seinäjoki Central Hospital reduced alerting delays to seconds

At Seinäjoki Central Hospital, critical communication affects all actors involved in the patient’s immediate care: ECU, X-ray, laboratory, operating room and ICU. Before Secapp it took 5-10 minutes to alert, for example, the trauma team and a lot of calls had to be made. With Secapp, the alarm goes forward in 30-60 seconds and all actors can be reached.

The video is subtitled in English.

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