Would you like to be the next professional at Secapp and our new colleague? Are you interested in helping us to save lives?

At Secapp, we work passionately to ensure that different organizations are able to operate as normally as possible in everyday life as well as in critical and unexpected situations – and above all, safely!

We need a variety of professionals

As part of the Secapp team, you will have the possibility to make an impact to keep our society up and running – domestically as well as internationally. While doing so, you have to possibility develop your own skillset as well as help us as a team and organization to develop to the next level. Our growing team includes professionals such as software designers (Fullstack, native Android, iOS), communications and marketing specialists, product managers and sales representatives. However, don’t stare at these titles too much as your expertise can be extremely important for us.

Secapp is a SaaS (Software as a Service) service, which means that your job is not to jump between different projects and themes, but you get to focus on using your expertise texpertise to build well focused product and business. And of course you get from all of us us, whether we work face-to-face or remote!

Making an impact internationally

Secapp has strong roots in Finland which also reflects to our values as being an unbiased, vigilant and robust protector helping our customers. We have already made an impact in the healthcare sector and in rescue operations as well in the private industry in EMEA region and we are constantly striving to expand our reach to make the world more safer through digital means. Please see more about our customers and also the customer experience videos.


We also go through the open applications in detail – apply today!

If you do not find a suitable vacancy for you or we do not currently have open vacancies, we still strongly encourage you to send us an open application.

We have, so to speak, our recruiting antennas on all the time and you can fit well into our future plans, even if we haven’t had time to publish the job announcement yet.

Feel free to approach us with an open application and CV to: rekry@secapp.fi

We hope you will be our new colleague!