Finnish Secapp application is an excellent option for your organisation to handle everyday communications, alerting and reporting.

The next question is, of course, why?

Let us introduce 10 good reasons:

1. Secapp is a Finnish, high quality and reliable app which keeps your data safe.

2. Secapp is a good option for consumer apps (e.g. WhatsApp) as it won’t give any data to third parties.

3. There is no need to make new investments in your organisation as Secapp works on Android and iOS devices, as well as on computers and web browsers. Also professional communications channels such as Tetra is supported.

4. With Secapp you can reach even thousands of people in just seconds. This means you can stop losing nerves with massive SMS or phone call operations to get the work shifts filled.

5. Secapp works always in two directions. Both the dispatcher and the receiver(s) can chat and share pictures or videos together. This feature is also included when SMS or emails are used.

6. Secapp is a multichannel app and the alerts can be received not only to the app, but also via SMS, robot call, email or authority networks.

7. Secapp allows you to collect data and information by using its easy task and reporting lists (e.g. checklist, safety walks). The lists can be filled by multiple persons at the very same time from their very own mobile phones or other devices. The dispatcher of the list can follow the collecting in real time.

8. With Secapp’s lone work features the safety of lone workers can be ensured when there is no other workers or help around. For example emergency alerts can be send directly from the buttons installed on a user’s mobile phone’s screen. Another option is to use so called Dead Man’s Switch which will make an alert automatically, if the user is unable to do it.

9. You can start using Secapp easily by requesting a pilot version. The use of Secapp is easy to scale so you can start with a smaller amount of users and increase it when necessary.

10. Secapp is well-known as an app that has many features in one system. This is why your organisation can possibly stop using other overlapping systems.

Our specialists are more than happy to tell you more about Secapp and its features.

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