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OneClick button visibility on locked screen

Secapp’s instant alerting buttons (OneClick) are now more quickly accessible without the need to unlock the phone. This feature will be gradually made available for Android users starting from 29.2.2024. 

The feature can be enabled from Secapp’s quick alert button settings. On Secapp, select Settings / OneClick and lone work settings: Show OneClick buttons as notification. 

The buttons are displayed on the locked phone screen, similar to notifications, and can be used directly from there. The first three of the buttons are displayed. Applications such as Spotify work in a similar way, where the song can be changed directly from the phone screen without unlocking it. 

This update benefits, for example, organizations that centrally manage users’ phones and have not been able to use widgets for creating alerting buttons. 

The same feature will soon be available for the Lone work switch.

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