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Data controller’s organization displayed in Secapp group chats

The data controller’s organization is now displayed in all Secapp group chats. It tells the users the data controller of the discussion from a GDPR perspective, which is relevant especially when users from various organizations participate in the discussion. 

This applies to the general Secapp chat, created group chats, and chat discussions attached to Secapp messages. In practice, therefore, it includes all chat discussions except for private discussions between individuals. 

The data controller organization is displayed at the top of the discussion for all users who are part of the discussion group. That is the creator and administrator of the discussion group. A chat group cannot be left without a data controller. If a user belonging to the administrator organization leaves the group and no other users from the same organization remain in the group, the data controller organization must be changed before leaving the group. This can be done from group settings, under “Change data controller organization”.

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