Welcome to the world of Secapp!

Secapp is a critical communications and alerting SAAS platform built especially to cope with emergencies and disasters.

Secapp helps to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect and share critical data in addition to providing a platform where data remains secure.

Ultimately, Secapp can help to save lives in times of crisis.

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This is Secapp

  1. Inspiration
  2. Problems that we are addressing
  3. What Secapp does?
  4. Secapp’s Key Features
  5. Use cases and user stories
  6. How we built Secapp?
  7. Accomplishments that we’re proud of!
  8. What’s next for Secapp?
  9. Secapp in short



Secapp joins the fight against COVID-19


1. Inspiration


Secapp is a tool for secure communication in a world where every device and network can be expected to be hostile and compromised.

Powerful technologies, secured communication, encryption and active threat analysis makes it possible for us to proudly offer a messaging system where critical and important messages are truly secure.

The increase of civil unrest throughout the world, refugee flows, financial challenges, extreme weather conditions and COVID-19 makes the current world situation truly challenging.

Now more than ever, we see a higher demand for safety, security, and communication solutions to maintain essential services, especially during emergencies.

It is of utmost importance that hospitals, rescue services, public authorities, as well as private industries, are able to continue to operate as normally as possible to help minimize the impact of the crisis.


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2. Problems that we are addressing

We are your loyal partner in everyday communications and stand even stronger by your side if a crisis occurs.

1. The lack of skilled personnel to respond to emergencies and urgent situations can lead to unnecessary loss of lives.

2. There is no room for wasting precious time of your specialists for anything else than their core tasks and fields of expertise. This includes inefficient communications like calling people individually when trying to get more staff to come to work, for instance.

3. Not having up-to-date critical information related to the occurring situation or crisis across different organizations can lead to catastrophic decisions in coordinating supplies or additional staff. In the worst-case this can lead to organizations not being able to operate.

4. Possible fake news, incorrect or completely missing instructions can lead to misunderstanding, panicking or accidents.

In short, every second that is spent prolonging the alert and sharing the critical data will mean more extensive damage to assets, businesses, loss of lives, and misery. Secapp addresses that need!


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2. What Secapp does?

“One of our head nurses said that never before has she fallen in love with an application but she is in love with this one

Marika Heiskanen from the Emergency Medical Services, South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (ESSOTE), Finland

Secapp allows organizations to:

  • Improve their preparedness for emergency conditions
  • Decrease their response times in dispatching individuals and teams
  • Coordinate large-scale operations efficiently even across organizational borders
  • Recover faster especially in times of crisis

We at Secapp work relentlessly to help you to save human lives.

Secapp is offered as a managed secure communications service (SAAS) and does not require any new devices or equipment.

It allows secure two-way communications utilizing existing devices including smart phones, legacy phones, computers, and TETRA devices.

Because Secapp enables communication through different networks and devices, Secapp is not as vulnerable as traditional single technology solutions when it comes to network breakdowns, natural catastrophes, terrorism, or limitations set by different environments.

Secapp can be quickly set up, and taken into use even in a matter of hours. The organization only needs to provide a list of people that should have access, and admin users should complete an online training session. The vast majority of the users can follow just simple few step instructions and they are set-to-go.

Organizations can also choose self-hosted and white label versions of the product. With those options, Secapp technology can be deployed to dedicated server environments provided by the customer or local distributor.


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4. Secapp’s Key Features

1. Improved preparedness

Secapp offers alert templates that can be customized for broadcasting messages and instructions that require immediate action from different stakeholders.

For example, organizations can use alert templates for daily operations to give official up-to-date instructions, or for complex public safety-related incidents, and disasters to mobilize large groups of professionals.

These preparedness features also include personnel and asset availability status, and location information when relevant. Moreover, contact details can be managed either directly in Secapp or by automating it fully from HR management systems.

2. OneClick alerting

Secapp allows sending an alert to skilled resources in a matter of seconds thus saving a lot of time from the dispatcher (person doing the alert). Alert messaging in Secapp is designed with emphasis on reliability, ease-of-use, and security.

Alerting is done through different communication channels, making sure that the needed individuals are reached no matter what device they are using. When a situation arises, organizations can send critical information to desired recipients in seconds, be it one person or several thousands. Alerts can be targeted using availability, skill, location information, and user groups.

To make sure that critical alerts do NOT go unnoticed, Secapp can bypass the sound settings, such as silent or “Do not disturb” modes, in devices. The alerted individuals can respond OK or NOK to each alert per their availability. Dispatchers can see the responses and skill sets of respondents in real time – think of it as a modern digital pager that does not require any new devices to operate.

3. Automated alerts

Alerts and messages can also be fully automated by using Secapp APIs (application program interface). This allows Secapp alerts to be triggered by, e.g., external warning systems, nationwide emergency systems and hardwares (for example, programmable fire detectors).

4. Reporting

Secapp allows organizations to collect and report critical information using digital mobile and web forms/checklists that can be sent out automatically to relevant personnel.

In the context of the current pandemia, Secapp checklists are used daily to collect the number of patients, hospital beds, ICU capacity, protective gear, and available personnel nationwide. A combined report is then delivered to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

5. Secure chat and videos

To be able to coordinate operations efficiently, Secapp provides tools for handling real-time communication through secure chat and videos.

Encrypted 1-on-1, group, and alert-specific Secapp chats and videos allow real time discussions as well as content exchange between key personnel in both daily operations and critical situations. Cross-platform Secapp chats and videos can be used with app and web clients.


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5. Use cases and user stories

User story Persona / User Use case / method Replaces
I want to improve my organization’s preparedness Head of security Firstly create organization specific alert templates that contain operative instructions on what to do in crisis, details who are alerted and the priority of the situation. Secondly configure easy-to-use one click mobile alerting buttons that can be used to trigger wanted alerts. Manage personnel contact, availability, location and skill information. Separate files and paper forms and various distributed systems.
I’m lacking skilled resources and I need to find urgently a freelancer / temp with correct skills to replace a work shift Human resources manager Send out a medium priority Secapp alert to a targeted group in a matter of seconds. Recipients respond OK or NOK based on their availability. In case wanted, the system automatically confirms the shift to the fastest who responds OK to the alert. Traditional pagers, calling people individually, mass SMS messages.
I need to compile a fast response team to perform urgent task, for instance a trauma team at a hospital Duty manager Send out a high priority Secapp alert to a correct group that will bypass the silence settings at the devices. Recipients respond OK or NOK based on availability and can monitor in real time how everyone has responded. Traditional pagers, separate alerting devices, calling people individually, mass SMS messages, speaker systems.
I need to provide official information and instructions what to do in the crisis Head of communications Send out a low priority Secapp alert / mass notification to personnel and relevant stakeholders via multiple communication channels. Call centers, SMS messages, emails, intranets, separate meetings.
I need compile critical data from various sources, such as the amount of outbreak patients, hospital bed and ICU capacity, adequacy of protective gear and personnel nationwide and then a combined report is delivered to MoH Head of situational awareness Automize daily Secapp message that contains digital mobile form to be filled with relevant data. Once the data is filled by all, export compiled data or analyze directly in the system. Paper forms, emails, distributed systems and databases
I want to improve our team communication and dialogue while making sure our real-time communication follows GDPR regulations and is not subject to foreing law enforcement acts IT teams, Head of communications Secure Secapp chats and videos for internal and stakeholder communication. Consumer communication apps such as whatsapp. Professional communication apps that are provided by US, Chinese or Russian companies


As a summary from everyday communications to complex crisis scenarios, Secapp has got you covered. Secure team chats, videos, and organizational contact management enable end-users to be familiar with the tool and increase usage times.

However, the reliability, security and special attention to alerting are suited for times of crisis better than any competition. Secapp is a full solution suite for critical communication in the hyper-connected world where focus to meaningful action with minimal delay times and decisions are matters of life and death.


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6. How we built Secapp?

Secapp’s story began in 2011 when the company was founded as a result of a successful university-led R&D project, which aimed to improve crisis-related communication together with fire and rescue, hospital, and police authorities.

Since then we have been building a highly scalable, robust and secure SAAS product for professional daily communications and fast response alerting for crisis and unexpected situations. Secapp ultimately helps to save human lives in times of crisis.


The Secapp team has developed deep tech solutions for Nokia and European Space Agency and has built business-critical software from finance and industry to healthcare sectors for a decade.

The team has expertise in high-end scalable mobile and web solutions and years of experience from mission-critical domains. The team is committed to growth and building Secapp into a global business.

Our key personnel are self-motivated employee-owners who own the majority of the company. The team is complemented by extremely talented recruits that are mentored by our founders and experts. The strengths of the team are in the combination of building secure communication platforms and the passion for building strategic partnerships and long lasting customer relationships.


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7. Accomplishments that we are proud of!

Our customers and markets

Secapp is currently being used by over 90 000 users from more than 600 professional organizations covering private, public and authority sectors. More than four million alerts were sent using Secapp last year alone.

All major hospitals / districts in Finland covering 12 000 key healthcare professionals use Secapp daily to help ultimately save human lives. It is a privilege and honor to build digital technology used in such critical domains.

Currently we are expanding heavily on international markets. We have so far, accumulated commercial contracts from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Current customer segments already using Secapp include:

  • Hospitals and healthcare providers
  • Fire and Rescue services
  • Cities, municipalities, government agencies and offices
  • Critical infrastructure organizations (telecom, utilities, oil & gas, harbours, food and beverage),
  • Schools and Academies
  • Property owners (shopping malls, office buildings)
  • Security companies
  • Volunteer organizations

Authorities, public and private organizations alike, use Secapp to prepare for, manage, and recuperate from critical situations such as natural disasters, accidents and service outages, or simply make finding and contacting the right people and stakeholders for urgent tasks faster and easier than ever before.

Our partners and distributors

Secapp has formed cooperation with world leading distributors and partners such as Airbus Defence and Space globally and Saudi Telecom Company specialized in the Middle East.

Other partners include Securitas and Avarn Security as our distributors in the Nordics, a number of SME companies distributing services to specific segments, such as healthcare, and our technology partners include companies such as Steerpath (indoor location services) and Vonage (global SMS gateway services).

We aim to expand our partner portfolio continuously to be able to efficiently deploy Secapp as a global service helping to save lives.


Secapp has been nominated as the Finnish Growth Company of the year in 2020, received the EIC Seal of Excellence from the EU commission, won the Chamber of Commerce Cyber Security award, and was nominated twice among the TOP3 Finnish Security Companies for enhancing national security. Secapp is on a strong growth path in developing new innovations.


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8. What’s next for Secapp?

Simply put: we continue scaling up! There are no specific limitations but the service is scalable to global markets.

Our vision is to be the most recommended platform globally for secure communications and crisis related alerting and situational awareness.

Our sales channels consist of

  • Direct B2BG sales: The service is offered mainly as a SAAS service and billing is based on subscription amounts (user licences).
  • Distributor sales with revenue sharing model
  • In addition, there are white label distributor models in place where the same technology is offered as a distributor branded version. For instance, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia STC specialized offers Secapp technology under Tari’ brand: www.stcsc.sa/en/node/344/tari

On top of that we are looking into modularizing the product into full on digital sales.


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9. Secapp in short

  • Designs, produces and develops a highly secured Secapp application for versatile organizational and crisis communication use
  • The main features of the application are multi-channel alerting of important people, secure communication and documentation and reporting of work tasks
  • Secapp currently reports e.g. the capacity of intensive care units in Finland and the number of intensive care patients
  • Turnover: 1.1 million (2019), minimum target for 2020: 2.2 million
  • The company is investing heavily in expansion and growth
  • Currently 19 employees, estimated in the end of 2020: 25
  • Operates nationwide in Finland and also in the Nordic countries, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Spain
  • Secapp is currently used by more than 90 000 professionals from more than 600 organizations, including public authorities, educational institutions, public administrations and companies

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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