Secapp has been selected to take part in the next phase of the TechEmerge Health East Africa Program, in which more than 450 companies from 50 countries applied.

The aim of the program is to find partners with innovative tehcnology solutions for healthcare providers in East Africa. There are more than 6.5 million patients, nearly 300 health care facilities and 300 beds in hospitals and clinics in the reagion.

Secapp applied for the program at the beginning of the year, and in May it became clear that the company had been selected for the next round.

– I believe that our already existing operations in the Middle East have been helping this project, and when we were at the Arab Health Exhibition in January, our stand was also visited by representatives of African countries who were clearly interested in our application, Secapp’s CEO Kari Aho explains.

Reaching the next round itself is a huge win for Secapp and a concrete step towards establishing operations in a new continent.

– After all, this is a great opportunity to take Secapp to a whole new continent and even through a very well-known organisation like the World Bank Group. Of course, COVID-19 has now also closed Africa, so it will understandably take time for the further results to be reviewed and published. Overall, however, this is yet another indication to Secapp’s ability to act as an everyday tool in almost any professional field and anywhere in the world, Aho says.

Secapp is already used in COVID-19 reporting in Finland

Secapp is already used to report, among other things, the number of intensive care units and the patients in them in Finland, as well as to manage the dispatching and paging processes for staff. Many of the same features have raised interest also in East Africa.

– The East African Hospitals are already interested in our basic functions, from reporting to alerting and everyday internal communication. In addition, the allocation of resources, such as nurses and doctors, as well as equipment and facilities to the right places, especially in temporary hospitals, Aho clarifies Secapp’s use cases.

The program is funded by the World Bank’s sister organization and the member of the World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC). The total funding for the program is US $ 1 million, which will be split between the various pilot projects so that one pilot receives $ 10,000-80,000. The pilot phase companies and the exact funding amounts will be announced later.

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  • Designs, produces and develops a highly secured Secapp application for versatile organizational and crisis communication use
  • The main features of the application are multi-channel alerting of important people, secure communication and documentation and reporting of work tasks
  • Secapp currently reports e.g. the capacity of intensive care units in Finland and the number of intensive care patients
  • Operates nationwide in Finland and also in the Nordic countries, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Spain
  • Secapp is currently used by more than 70,000 professionals from more than 600 organizations, including public authorities, educational institutions, public administrations and companies