Secapp is all about making sure that the right people are reached securely and reliably when needed via dispatching, alerting and real time communications. Some might even say that we are in the business of capturing people’s attention in a hyper-connected world. From everyday communications to complex crisis scenarios, Secapp has got you covered. Prepare for, manage, and recuperate from critical situations such as natural disasters, accidents and service outages, or simply make finding and contacting the right people for urgent tasks faster and easier than ever before.

Make use of your existing devices via our native iOS, Android and Windows apps, text messages, robot calls and email, and utilize both commercial and professional communication channels (namely WiFi, mobile networks, TETRA) to ensure ease of use and robust communications. Additional options for location tracking, geofencing, task allocation and asset management ensure effective operational management, whatever the situation.

Secapp is trusted by organizations ranging from multinational corporations, fire departments and hospitals to schools, municipalities and volunteer groups. What can we do for you?




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Secapp Key Figures

328 000+
Alerts sent monthly

52 000+

57 000+
Documented sites and premises


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Messaging in Secapp is designed with emphasis on reliability and security. When a situation arises, critical information can be sent to the desired recipients in seconds, be it one person or several thousands. Messages can be targeted using availability, skill and location information and user groups.

To make sure critical messages do NOT go unnoticed, Secapp can bypass the sound settings (such as silent or “do not disturb” modes) in devices. To ensure delivery, Secapp also utilizes several different communication channels such as native apps (Android, iOS, Windows phone and Win10), SMS, robot calls, email and TETRA network (SDS, Callout), all from one place and with a single command. The alerted people can see the responses and skill sets of other respondents in real time. Alerts and messages can also be fully automated by integrating Secapp with existing systems.

Encrypted 1-on-1, group and alert-specific Secapp chats allow real time discussions as well as content exchange between key personnel in both daily operations and critical situations.  Cross-platform Secapp chats can be used with app and web based clients.



Secapp provides powerful tools for managing documentation, attached files and information. You can import your task and checklists, such as daily routine checks and instructions for different scenarios, into Secapp and decrease unnecessary paperwork and friction in daily operations. With task and checklists the users know what they need to do and report and they also stay informed of what’s been or being done by others.

You can import and create information related to premises, sites, equipment and other assets and easily maintain up to date information of their status and actions related to them. Secapp is very  customizable and thus suitable for all kinds of organizations. You can trust Secapp in daily operations and emergencies alike. All actions taken are easily stored and exported as personalized reports.

For managing large-scale operations Secapp can also accommodate and be used to handle projects, catalogues, orders and invoices. Thus you will have all the tools you need for real-time leadership and quality management at your disposal. All documentation can be easily found and accessed by personnel and associates



Secapp offers versatile tools for improving personnel safety in different situations.

Physical and mobile alert buttons allow users to send messages and alerts with just one tap. The buttons can be used, for example, to call for help or to report an anomaly or fault.

The dead man’s switch allows automated alerts in case the user doesn’t reset a timer or the user’s phone doesn’t move within a predefined time period. This way help can be sent even if the user isn’t able to call for it.

The alerts sent using the alert buttons and the dead man’s switch also contain location information to ensure that help arrives as quickly as possible.




Secapp is a valuable tool in managing and preparing for critical unexpected events as well as in daily operations, decision making and communication. Secapp is trusted by emergency services for alerting fire departments, hospitals for paging employees and contacting patients, and private organizations for improving safety, managing infrastructure and processes, reporting and keeping people informed about changes and disruptions, to name a few.

Everyday situations

  • Alerting and paging personnel to quickly find and alert substitutes and extras when the need arises
  • Assembling and alerting fast response teams
  • Internal instant messaging and information delivery. Secure replacement for consumer apps such as WhatsApp
  • Mass messaging to keep customers and stakeholders informed
  • Operative management such as coordinating routine tasks and checks (e.g. installations, maintenance, inspections)
  • Documentation related to properties, sites and assets
  • Managing expenditure (e.g. work and material orders, keeping track of capital and operational expenses)
  • Managing multi-stakeholder environments via secure information sharing and documentation tools
  • Safety checks at workplaces, constructions sites etc.

Safety, crises and unexpected situations

  • Preparing for unexpected events by creating message and task templates and automations, and by managing contact information, skills, availability and location information
  • Alerting and informing personnel and stakeholders in case of crises or unexpected events like fires, chemical leaks, terrorism, natural disasters, power outages, water contaminations and system failures
  • Automated or manual informing of stakeholders in case of system failures to make sure they have instant access to up to date information
  • Alerting operative staff and coordinating executive decision-making and in case of, for example, a PR crisis
  • Task and checklists for coordinating and reporting tasks in unexpected situations
  • Personal safety tools for workers (location tracking, timed or movement-based dead man’s switch and customizable panic buttons)
  • Reporting accidents and close calls with a few keypresses
  • Automated alerts from existing systems via integrations



Our customers, partners and awards

The team behind Secapp has experience from mission-critical domains over a decade as well as inventing future communication technologies for Nokia and European Space Agency. Secapp has received Seal of Excellence from EU commission, won chamber of commerce Fast Track Cyber and has received honour of being TOP3 Finnish Security Companies. Secapp is used in hundreds of organizations including hospitals, fire and rescue, cities, schools, oil and production industry and security companies. Secapp is also official Airbus ecosystem partner in secured land communications.