Improve preparedness
  • Manage and track up-to-date personnel contact, availability, location and skill information either directly in the system or via integration (e.g. LDAP)
  • Create alert templates for different situations from large scale events (e.g. medical emergency) to daily situations (e.g. need for temp) that that contain e.g. the priority, who are alerted and informed and what are the operative instructions in different situations
Alert and dispatch masses in seconds via multi networks

Alert, inform and dispatch correct individuals and masses in seconds via professional and commercial networks

  • Trigger alert templates with single click from anywhere
  • Secure and robustness for alert delivery by utilizing mobile app, windows desktop app, SMS, web client, robot call, email, TETRA SDS and Callout from Secapp
  • Target alerting based on personnel skill, availability, group and location (geofencing) information
Communication that captures your attention

Communication that will capture your attention

  • Priority based alerting that can bypass mute settings and pops up on top of the users screen
  • Quick responses (OK/NOK) required from all users to facilitate faster decision making
Coordinate and document

Coordicate and document via secure chat, task list and site documentation

  • Real-time 1-1, group and alert based chats for daily communication as well as situational updates and information exchange
  • Full history information per alert for audit trail
  • With customizable task and checklists the users know what they need to do and report and they also stay informed of what’s been or being done by others.
Incorporate personnel and property safety

Incorporates personnel and property safety alerts, inspections and reports

  • Mobile alert buttons for quick manual alerts
  • Automated alerts via dead man’s switch (DMS) and “not moving” detection alerts
  • Customizable checklist and report templates for safety inspections and incident reporting
  • Centralized security bulletins and alerts
Integrate easily and create automated alerts

Integrate easily and create rules for automated alerts

  • Automated alert APIs and integration possibilities for alert triggering from 3rd party systems, IoT sensors and devices
  • Integrations to BLE, USB and wireless physical alert buttons
  • Contact and user information sync via API or LDAP integratino for instance
Start using Secapp today

Secapp can be taken into use even within one day!

Safety, crises and unexpected situations
  • Preparing for unexpected events by creating message and task templates and automations, and by managing contact information, skills, availability and location information
  • Alerting and informing personnel and stakeholders in case of crises or unexpected events like fires, chemical leaks, terrorism, natural disasters, power outages, water contaminations and system failures
  • Automated or manual informing of stakeholders in case of system failures to make sure they have instant access to up to date information
  • Alerting operative staff and coordinating executive decision-making and in case of, for example, a PR crisis
  • Task and checklists for coordinating and reporting tasks in unexpected situations
  • Personal safety tools for workers (location tracking, timed or movement-based dead man’s switch and customizable panic buttons)
  • Reporting accidents and close calls with a few keypresses
  • Automated alerts from existing systems via integrations
Everyday situations
  • Alerting and paging personnel to quickly find and alert substitutes and extras when the need arises
  • Assembling and alerting fast response teams
  • Internal instant messaging and information delivery. Secure replacement for consumer apps such as WhatsApp
  • Mass messaging to keep customers and stakeholders informed
  • Operative management such as coordinating routine tasks and checks (e.g. installations, maintenance, inspections)
  • Documentation related to properties, sites and assets
  • Managing expenditure (e.g. work and material orders, keeping track of capital and operational expenses)
  • Managing multi-stakeholder environments via secure information sharing and documentation tool
Personnel and stakeholder contact information management
  • User management either
    • automatically from AD system, e.g. via LDAP,
    • centrally by admin users or
    • by users themselves
  • Contact and user details include e.g. phone number, email, address, TETRA number, skills, groups, location and status information
Customizable alert and message templates

Create alert templates that include processes and instructions for different scenarios from daily situations to large (e.g. who will be alerted, informed, warned, ..)

Personnel preparedness status

Update and monitor personnel preparedness level (i.e. how many people are in stand-by mode or available)

Document and attachment management
  • Manage and categorize documents together with other relevant (meta)data.
  • Share access to the data securely
Customisable premise and device registries

Create and manage site, asset and devices registries based on your own organization or industry requirements via customizing tools (templates)

Alert and dispatch in seconds

Alerts and quick responses

Alert-related secure chat
  • Each alert contains a secure dedicated chat area for sharing updates and information with people involved with the alert
  • In the chat you can:
    • Communicate securely via text
    • Set and update topic / latest status
    • Take and share pictures
    • Share your location on the map
    • Share and playback sound recordings
    • Share attachments
    • Target chat messages to the desired people

Content of reports
  • Alerts can contain customizable task- and checklists. Useful in, for example:
    • Routine checks
    • Installations
    • Maintenance operations
    • Guidance and workflows in critical situations
    • Safety inspections
    • Any situation requiring a report, form or checklist
  • With Secapp task- and checklists the users know what they need to do and report and they also stay informed of what’s been or being done by others.
  • Add task-related expense information to easily follow expenditure
Alert and Dispatch - Escalation

Alert and Dispatch - Automation

Automated alerts from other systems

In short
  • Easy-to-use two-way mass communication for critical environment
  • Send personnel alerts and paging requests with a few clicks from anywhere anytime – e.g. sick leave / temp management and fast response team alerting
  • Can be targeted based on groups, skills, availability and location
  • Does not require any additional equipment from sender or receiver(s).
  • Get real time information who are able to respond.
  • In high priority situations bypass the sound settings (such as silent or “do not disturb” modes) in devices.
  • Message automation simplifies operations even further
  • Guarantee that you reach people (via multiple channels)
  • Make sure to get peoples attention and response quickly
  • Reduce the amount of manual work (e.g. calling people)
  • Reduce costs when compared to traditional communication tools (mass SMS, calls)
Secapp safety related alerts and indident reports
  • Mobile alert buttons (widgets) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Personnel can call for help or report incident easily with one-click action. Current location and distress alert is delivered to pre-designated person(s), e.g. head of security.
  • Buttons are fully configurable per person and the amount of buttons is not limited.
  • Computer desktop alerts via dedicated Windows client (similar operation as with mobile alert buttons)
  • Alerts can be triggered also via SMS messages, e.g. ”SOS I need help”
  • Physical buttons can be integrated to trigger alerts as well (see examples from following slide)
Automated alerts
  • Dead man’s switch (DMS): Automated call for help after certain amount of time has passed if the timer is not rested or disabled.
  • Automated “not moving” detection alerts if the user has not moved for a certain period of time
  • Automated alerts based on inputs from external systems such as fire / fault detection
Security bulleting’s, safety inspections and control room operations
  • Improved preparedness via alert templates (e.g. who will be alerted, instructions what to do, exit route pictures)
  • Targeting security bulleting’s to correct people based on location, skills, groups and status
  • Quick situational awareness picture via quick responses (OK/NOK), chat & location information – e.g. who need help, where they are and what information they can provide from the scene of indicent
  • Support for safety walks and reports via fully customizable Secapp task/checklists
Wireless button

Wireless Paradox REM101 button + Magellan MG6250 base station

  • Radio based wireless button (frequency 433 MHz)
  • Range 30-50m (can be extended with repeaters)
  • Size: 51 x 32 x 13 mm
  • Water resistant, battery life 2-3 years
  • Single base station can serve 16 buttons
USB button for desktop/laptop computers
  • Size: 53 x 73 x 35 mm
  • Protective cover to prevent unwanted alerts
  • Requires Secapp Windows client to work
  • Card and “keychain” models
  • Requires Secapp mobile app to which button is connected to

TETRA network connection

TETRA SDS messages and advanced Callout messages/alerts can be triggered from Secapp. User acknowledgements are collected back to Secapp. Two-way communication with TETRA environment is done via TETRA Connectivity Server (TCS).

After alerting, one can use Callout features for TETRA specific additional communication and coordination.

Job and material cost reporting (CAPEX)

Job costs from the field

  • List and report costs (work + materials) directly from the field via mobile client
  • Create automated billing proposals based on reported costs. Billing proposals can be exported to csv or sent directly within Secapp

Work orders and billing proposals

  • Secapp provides tools to manage work orders and billing proposals from end customer to subcontractors
  • Create dedicated price lists for each partner / customer and monitor status and revenue easily
  • Integrate to supporting systems for automized work order and billing flows
Site OPEX monitoring

Custom login and sign-up pages

You can get your own login page with:

  • A custom login url (www.secapp.fi/yourcompany)
  • Your logo
  • Customizable content

In addition to the login page, you can also get a custom registration page, where users can sign up and request to be added to your organization. This makes setting up and managing your Secapp organization easier than ever.