What is Secapp?

Secapp is a Finnish critical communications and alerting SAAS platform. It is built to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos. All this in a platform where the data remains secure and owned by the customer.

Ultimately, Secapp can help to save lives and manage critical operations in times of crisis.

Communication that captures your attention

Priority based alerting that can bypass silent settings AND be received with any device demanding instant response.

  • Prepare and alert
  • Secure chat and video
  • Document

Quick intro to Secapp Team

Secapp team has built in the past future mobile communications technologies and highly scalable software for Nokia, European Space Agency and other mission critical domains. The team has over 20 years expertise in different fields: sales and marketing, finance, and software and ICT solutions.

  • Customers from 10 countries
  • Over 100 000 end users from over 600 critical organizations
  • 4 million alerts related sent last year alone
  • Company growth during 2020/COVID-19: +100%
  • Partners and distributors from device and network vendors, telecom operators and security companies worldwide

From emergency response to daily communications

Every second prolonging an alert in emergencies or incidents can mean loss of lives or at least substancial costs due to not being able to run critical operations normally.

  • How are you prepared?
  • How fast can you react?
  • How can you make sure that you reach correct individuals day or night?

Effortless critical communications, alerting and safety

Secapp is SAAS service for effortless critical communications, alerting and safety that captures your attention when needed.

  • Prepare to incidents and crises beforehand
  • Send critical alerts and notifications that demand instant response
  • Use mobile checklist to collect and report critical data and findings
  • Communicate with vital stakeholders in a secured environment
  • Guarantee lone worker, travel, premises and VIP safety

Technical features

  • Alert templates, contact and asset management
  • Mass notifications, personnel alerting and paging
  • Panic buttons and Dead Man’s Switch
  • Secure chat, video and checklists
  • Location awareness and geofencing

Secapp integrates to external systems and works with any device!

OneClick Alerting

Secapp’s OneClick alerting captures your attention when needed. Alert, receive and respond to alerts using any device from computers to mobile phones.

Priority based alerting can bypass silent settings and demand instant response.

Mobile Safety

Secapp offers versatile tools for improving personnel safety in different situations.

Physical and mobile alert buttons

Physical and mobile alert buttons allow users to send messages and alerts with just one tap. The buttons can be used, for example, to call for help or to report an anomaly or fault.

The dead man’s switch

The dead man’s switchallows automated alerts in case the user doesn’t reset a timer or the user’s phone doesn’t move within a predefined time period.

Automated IoT Alerting

Secapp is a perfect solution to automate alerting systems. When external systems are connected to Secapp their alerts trigger automatically Secapp alerts which are sent immediately to correct responders (e.g. Rescue Team, Medical Team, Security Team etc.).

Mobile Checklists – Collect and Report Critical Data

Digitalize any form to customizable task- and checklists, e.g. for:

  • Routine safety and quality inspections
  • Collecting critical information
  • Giving step-by-step instructions and workflows in critical situations


Site, Asset and Device Registries

Customisable premise and device registries

  • Manage your site, asset and devices documentation and related operations via web and mobile tools.

Document and attachment management

  • Compile relevant attachments together with other relevant site, asset or device data.

Security by design

  • Share access to the data securely.


Private industry

  • Properties
  • Security
  • Utilities
  • Production
  • Industry
  • Oil and gas

Public sector

  • Cities
  • Education
  • Government agencies


  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Fire and rescue
  • Police

Use Cases and Key Contacts

Crisis and Safety Sanagement

Prepare and react to extreme weather conditions, accidents, fires, medical emergencies, terrorism, threats, vandalism, civil unrests in seconds. Demand instant response from responders.

Key contact: Head of Security and Risk Management (HESQ)

Daily HR Paging and Workforce Management

Allocate and coordinate urgent tasks and teams OR get a temp / freelancer with correct skills for a work shift. Replaces: traditional pagers, calling people individually, Mass SMS gateways, consumer chat services.

Key contact: Head of Human Resources or operations

Mass Communications

Exchange vital information in crisis between relevant stakeholders. Omnichannel communications makes sure that you reach needed individuals.

Key contact: Head of Communications

Critical Operations and Asset Data Management

Collect and maintain up-to-date information related to your sites, assets and operations.

Key contact: Head of Operations

Secure Team Communications

Secure and improve internal and stakeholder communication. Comply with privacy policy requirements and own your data. Replace consumer chat apps like WhatsApp.

Key contact: IT Services

Sales Cycles

Private industry

  • Short (1-3 months) to Medium (3-6 months)

Public sector

  • Medium (1-3 months) to Long (6-18 months)


  • Medium (1-3 months) to Long (6-18 months)

Market Data

Incident and emergency management market size alone is USD 117.2 billion in 2020 (approx. 100 billion euro).

Public safety and security market is USD 365 billion in 2020 (approx. 300 billion euro).

We are looking for distribution partners

Device and network vendors & operators

Security, risk management and service providers

Technology and platform partners

What we have to offer?

  • Continuously evolving SAAS service for critical communications
  • Sales and marketing support, training and success stories
  • Technical support and best practices for sales
  • White labeling, self-hosted and software SDKs

Secapp partnership models

1. Affiliate / lead generator partner
Where the partner simply points out validated customer leads towards us and we take it from there. Leads that end up into commercial customer relationships will entitle to a commission fee.
2. Distributor partner
Where the partner takes an active role in the customer relationship covering sales (supported by us), agreements, invoicing and first point of contact in terms of support or additional sales. In this model, the commission is continuous and it provides the opportunity for the partner to combine other services, devices or subscriptions as part the agreement with the end customer for additional revenue and higher loyalty.
3. White label partner
Where the partner covers the same responsibilities as the solution partner but in addition Secapp is rebranded as the partner’s own product and hosted in an on-premise environment provided by the partner. Secapp takes the responsibility of providing the technology then as white-label-as-a-service type commitment where the Secapp team manages the software and apps on behalf of the partner against fees. White label partner is responsible for providing the look and feel for the design (re-branding) of the product and virtualized server environment for the technology.

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