Finland – a country known for its high technology, quality education and advanced R&D – is represented on a visit of a high-level Finnish Business Delegation from Healthcare Industry.
Embassy of Finland and Finland Health Program  will open the “Digital Healthcare Solutions from Finland” event in Ankara on 16th of November 2018 and a high level of participation from Ministry of Health in Turkey is anticipated, as well. Kari Aho, CEO of Secapp, will also be taking part of the event organized in Ankara.

Finland Health is a program that brings together the most distinguished Finnish healthcare and technology providers to offer a vast variety of medical services and devices that meet even the highest demands.

Secapp is all about reaching healthcare professionals when needed via alerting, dispatching and real time communications – some might even say that we are in the business of capturing people’s attention in a hyper-connected world. This covers all from quick mass communications and alerting to targeting information specifically to people with certain skills, location and availability status. Secapp does not require any new devices but combines old and modern communications – from technical perspective combining TETRA and commercial (app, SMS, email, robot calls, windows desktop). All communication is secure and two-way making sure that daily operations as well as large scale accidents can be coordinated easily.  Moreover, custom checklists and reporting enable getting rid of paper or excel based forms and sheets.

With Secapp hospitals can, for instance:

– Manage personnel contact, skill and availability information
– Prepare for reoccurring daily situations (e.g. temp needed) as well as for large scale emergencies
– Improve efficiency and reduce the amount of manual labor (e.g. calling people)
– Guarantee that right people are reached when needed (via multiple channels)
– Reduce costs when compared to traditional communication tools (mass SMS, calls)
– Reduce the amount of human errors in critical situations
– Improve safety of lone workers and at critical wards

By centralizing different communication channels with Secapp, communication becomes a lot less vulnerable for commercial network breakdowns, natural catastrophes, terrorism or limitations set by different environments. Moreover, Secapp is a low threshold deployment solution that can be taken into use even on the same day without any additional devices.