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Secure and centralized communication

Secapp (Secure Communication App) is a secure communication and management platform for smart messaging, alerting and paging. Additional options for location tracking and geofencing enable more in-depth operational management. For maximal reach and robustness Secapp combines commercial and TETRA communication channels (including SMS, app, voice, email, SDS) under one easy-to-use tool.

Authorities like hospitals, firemen, police, public organizations as well as private companies rely on Secapp to provide privacy, robustness and efficiency both for their daily operations and crisis management. To achieve that Secapp relies on network independent delivery, quick reply mechanisms, instant messaging and intelligent communication automation for exchanging information and generating situational awareness picture in a matter of seconds.

By centralizing different communication channels with Secapp, communication becomes a lot less vulnerable for commercial network breakdowns, natural catastrophes, terrorism or limitations set by different environments. Moreover, Secapp is a low threshold deployment solution that can be taken into use even at the same day without any additional devices. Contact us for means to provide fast and reliable communication and situational awareness tools.


Use cases and scenarios

- Daily communication

Use cases and scenarios

- Critical communication

Authorities and public sector

Secapp is built to offer secure, fast and reliable communication for firemen, police, hospitals and emergency response centers. Moreover, Secapp can be utilized by cities, municipalities and their organizations such as schools and bureaus. Secapp combines commercial mobile and TETRA communication with option to location tracking. This low threshold deployment solution enables, for instance

  • Alerting of rescue workers, fast response teams and preparedness groups
  • Unit availability monitoring
  • Skills and certificate management
  • Management of large scale emergencies and catastrophes
  • Public warnings
  • Personnel safety
  • Tracking of personnel and equipment - indoors and outdoors

Industry, energy and telecom

Effective communication is vital part of modern business and business continuity. Customer satisfaction is increased and churn reduced via timely communication. Business operations rely on fast and reliable alarming and situational awareness in various scenarios. Secapp offers

  • Business and consumer communication
  • Incident messaging and recovery
  • Operative field personnel alarming, paging and communication
  • Management of large scale emergencies and catastrophes
  • Personal evacuation system
  • Private fire brigade alerting
  • Integration to key systems for automated messaging

Security and service sector

Secapp offers modern tools for security officials and companies responsible, e.g., employee safety, guard and patrol services, asset safety, event security and risk management. Also other labor-intensive service sectors such as, maintenance, cleaning and caretakers can benefit from Secapp in their daily operations.

  • Control room operations
  • Alarm verification and escalation
  • Personnel / lone worker safety
  • Coordinating daily operations
  • Worker paging
  • Team communication

Event management and communication

Secapp offers centralized collaboration, coordination and communication tool for event management - from planning to execution. Easy-to-use tools help to manage whole event organization from organizers, volunteers, affiliates, security to marketing people. Events can benefit from Secapp, for instance, by having

  • Create reminders of mandatory activities related to organizing event.
  • Automatize and schedule messages to be sent during the event in advance
  • Coordinate event organization and volunteer tasks
  • Manage security with the help of location information, operative instructions and situational awareness picture.
  • Target marketing messaging based on location or groups
  • Engage attendees with message boards and quick feedback questionnaires
  • Have your own dedicated event app

Features and technology

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